Saturday, January 26, 2008

Auntie Lauren

Top 10 Things We miss about Auntie Laur Laur:

10. Never having to ask if we can have hot fudge on our ice cream.

9. Borrowing her T-shirts to wear as a nightgown if we forgot our Pj's

8. All the open, 1/2 full pop cans she left downstairs that we snuck and drank as fast as we could.

7. Barging into her room to wake her up..... at noon! :)

6. Seeing Cody and Harley.

5. Her laugh.

4. Watching her Rock it out on Guitar Hero!

3. Always having her to cuddle next to while we watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the ten thousandth time!

2. The Big Bowl of Candy!!

1. The best babysitter in the entire world and our most favorite Auntie Ever!!

We love and miss you Laur Laur. Love Ellie, Connor, and Macie

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Powder Puff!!

Daddy can't resist a clean sweet little face when his fingers are covered in ashes. Mommy on the other hand..... not so happy!

Highlights from Christmas..

We had a super Christmas. Lots of family. Lots of friends. Here are some of the favorite moments and most coveted gifts.