Tuesday, December 27, 2011

FaLaLa.....and Breathe


love, the olsens

Polar Express Night 2011

Another Polar Express night went off without a hitch, except that Macie and Sawyer were to sick to come this year.

New this year: Sweet little Landyn.

Our conductor had a new train whistle.

and Brand new HUGE red bells!


Here are more pictures of our super fun night.











the best and the worst

When Scott told me he had to work the game at KU and couldn't make it to Connors game I didn't think much of it. I figured I would go and be there and all would be fine. Then Sawyer got a fever and his cough sounded horrible. So I asked Connor if he would be ok with us missing one game and he said that would be just fine so I dropped him off and his coach kept an eye on him and brought him home.
I heard.....He did great!
I also heard......it was his VERY. LAST. GAME!!!!

I cried a little. Scott swears he told me about it being the last game. Images of him walking up to get his award and looking for us on the bleachers. auuuhhhh.
Worst mom ever award.

Anyway he got a trophy and was beside himself about it. We are so proud of this little man.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Connor is a mama's boy and besides me he won't let another person kiss him without wiping it off. It's a little family joke to see who can kiss Connor without it getting wiped.
Anyway, tonight when my Dad brought him home from a Grandpa -Connor date he had given him a bunch of yard sticks. When Scott was tucking him in he said he was gonna sneak back into his room and give him a kiss on the cheek while he was sleeping cause if he is sleeping he couldn't wipe it off.
When I got home from mutual Scott was laughing and told me to look at what Connor was building in his room. When I peeked in I saw row after row of yard sticks blocking the way to his bed. He looked at me laughing and I said "Connor, are you making some boobie traps?"
Ten minutes later I hear him moving in his room again and Scott hollers for him to go to bed. He says "But Dad, I am fixing my Boob traps!"

getting excited

The excitement for Christmas in our house is crazy! We have been doing our Christmas binder and getting gifts for our Secret Santa's.
Last night we made our traditional Borax ornaments with Grandpa Evan and he started the countdown towards our Polar Express night. The kids have been so nice to each other this morning trying to earn some Polar Express dollars for their ticket and their treats.

Wanna know what else is making my kids want to be extra nice and helpful? It's this little guy...

his name is Blizzard and he is a gift from heaven, I tell ya, for this mama! All I have to say is guess who's watching you and their eyes shoot up to the shelf. Presto chango!

Seriously thinking about keeping this elf up ALL YEAR!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Girlie PJ party

It was our turn to host Macie's Girlie Girl group and our theme was a Pajama Party. We had quite a small group of girls but they had a bunch of fun.
We turned our table into a huge bed and the girls ate heart shaped cinnamon rolls, fruit and juice right on the bed.

They all got to play some games in the big toy room and then we painted nails. Lastly, all the girls got a little travel bag to take home with everything they would need for bedtime. Including a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a night owl.

I put rice inside the owls so that the girls can warm them up in the microwave and then have a warm little owl buddy for bedtime.

Macie sure loves her little friends. I really wonder sometimes who will still be in this little town when they are all older and in High School. :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preschool for Macie loo hoo

We just got pictures back today of Macie's preschool class this year and I LOVE them. (Fantastic job Camille!)

These are some of my Fav's.










Banana Slugs!

Connor is on a basketball team for the first time this year and he is loving it. The name Banana Slugs comes from the yellow and black jerseys and his coach is our longtime family friend (and his future father in law) Rob Coffman.


Mind you, these are all 6 year olds but Connor is pretty darn good. The first game he scored at least 7 times but since that game, because of the exciting cheering he gets when this happens, he tends to be a ball hog. We're working on that.


(If you look really close in this picture you can see him whistling. He whistled the music from Harry Potter the entire game)


This is the first sport he has played that when he is done he is dripping with sweat. It is a good workout for him. He's excited to go to practices and games for the basketball itself but...

mostly to see Isa.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful Tree


This Thursday is Thanksgiving and usually I just want to get past it and onto Christmas, but this year I really wanted to make sure we carved out time to stop and be truly thankful.

We all made a list of the things we were thankful for that day, and then that week, and finally what we were thankful for that year. We all took turns telling everyone and then writing it on a paper leaf and adding it to our Thankful Tree.

Some of the things are silly and minor, but they were also very thoughtful and came up with some that I never would have thought of.

I am so thankful for my little family.

Friday, November 11, 2011


We have been so busy around here lately.
Some of the highlights are that I got to spend a whole weekend with some of my FAB girlfriends up in Bend, shopping and eating, and shopping and eating!! So great.

The kids have been spending time getting ready for their Primary Program, playing in the Fall leaves with friends and passing around a yucky 24 hour tummy bug. And the last couple of days we have been spending time with Olsen cousins doing some spelunking at the Lava Beds, frying up Scott's Halibut from Alaska and freezing at the Parade downtown.

We have all been Loving the Zumba classes at the YMCA and I took a fuzzy quick video of the girls getting their workout on. Also, because I think it is stinkin' cute, I threw in one of Macie right before Preschool. Enjoy!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween town


We love this Holiday! You get to be silly and eat candy. What's not to love.

We have one of these little gnome's this year;

A sweet little girl scout;

Mr. Harry Potter;

And a scary vampire who left with friends so I haven't gotten to take her picture yet.

We have been carving pumpkins;

And making yummy treats, these are witches fingers;

And this year the kids woke up to some sort of spider web outside there door that they had to break through to come to breakfast.

We're all excited for tonight.


Monday, October 24, 2011

KU cheer camp


Scott surprised Ellie and signed her up for KU's cheer camp again this year. She got to be in it with a bunch of her friends this year and she loved it. Because all of the "Real Cheerleaders" know her dad she went early and got to hang out with them while they did their cheers. Every time I looked over she was on one of the girls shoulders or holding one of their hands. Yea, she is just a little proud that she got to be one of them till her part came up at half time.

Here is a short video of part of their dance. She gets a little sidetracked watching one of the big cheerleaders doing the routine. She had so much fun and cheered her little heart out for those KU football players.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

baby boy~17months

Oh, we love this boy so much. He is so fun and as darling as they come.
This month he has been repeating everything he hears. His vocab has more than doubled in the last few months. Everywhere we go people comment on how blonde this boy is and ask me where he got his curly hair. I don't know how I will ever cut those curls.
He loves to swim, climb up onto tables, kiss babies, eat dog food and put his finger in everyones belly buttons. He loves his big brother and sisters and will climb up into their laps, say "Hi" and then smother them with puckered lipped kisses.
He is very good about saying "Thank you" and he sings along to the song Look Down from Les Miserables....it may be the cutest thing ever. And believe it or not he can whistle. My guess is that it is because his big brother whistles NON STOP and is darn good.
If I'm not keeping him out of the toilet, or the trash then I am chasing him around the house trying to get him to spit some object out of his mouth. He keeps us on our toes and I just know I am going to miss every exhausting minute of this stage so badly when my house is quiet and empty of kids all day.

Witches Day Out

Macie's October Girlie Girl party was a few weeks ago and the theme was Witches Day Out. It was so cute to see all the girls all dressed up like witches.
I am posting pictures that I stole off of my friends blog cause I didn't take any.
Boy, did she have fun.

We love Halloween season.