Wednesday, December 14, 2011

getting excited

The excitement for Christmas in our house is crazy! We have been doing our Christmas binder and getting gifts for our Secret Santa's.
Last night we made our traditional Borax ornaments with Grandpa Evan and he started the countdown towards our Polar Express night. The kids have been so nice to each other this morning trying to earn some Polar Express dollars for their ticket and their treats.

Wanna know what else is making my kids want to be extra nice and helpful? It's this little guy...

his name is Blizzard and he is a gift from heaven, I tell ya, for this mama! All I have to say is guess who's watching you and their eyes shoot up to the shelf. Presto chango!

Seriously thinking about keeping this elf up ALL YEAR!!!

1 comment:

GiGi said...

What a clever granddaughter I have! Can't wait to see you next week!!!