Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Relia

Last week we had a special visitor come to our house to see us! Scott's sister Kris had a baby girl and named her after her Great Grandmother Skinner (Pam's mom).
Relia Lilly
She is just one of the most beautiful babies, and very alert. My kids had so much fun holding her and smiling at her. We were so distracted I totally forgot to take out my camera so these pic's are from my sister in laws various sites.
Babies are just so sweet and soft and you always seem to forget that yummy newborn smell.
We will soon have another new cousin to add to the mix, my little sister Lauren is due this Saturday with her first! We can not wait to see that little Gerber Baby!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

To enduce or not to enduce....

Prepair yourself..... It's a long one...
My due date is June 2nd (Ellie's birthday). I am kinda weird and don't want 2 kiddo's birthday's on the same day, and Ellie has made it clear that she does not either. So my solution was to just be enduced a week early...end of May on a Wednesday. Made the appointment..done and done!!
Then I realise that Scott has the huge State track meet and would have to leave at the end of May on that Thursday (the day after I'm enduced) AHHHHH!
I have been enduced for my last 2 babies and usually deliver within 6-8 hours. And truly I am super lucky because I have my mom here in town to help me so the idea of having the baby Wednesday and having Scott stay the night at the hospital with me and then leaving the next day for 3 days wasn't all that terrible because he would be there for the birth and then my mom can come stay with me.
But he is trying so hard to talk me out of it and just wait till he comes home. Closer to Ellie's birthday.
So, do I go ahead with the planed baby day, making sure he will be there. Or wait and chance it and hope I don't go into labor while he is gone and he won't make it back in time to be there when the baby is born. (And all in all end up missing the track meet anyway)
What would you do????
*can you tell which way I am leaning? just a little?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Taking the day off

This has been my month so far....

Do you see today?

Totally EMPTY!!

I am running a bubble bath as I type!


Monday, February 15, 2010

saturday session

This last Saturday was our adult session of Stake Conference for our ward. It was AWESOME!! Scott and I agreed that it was one of our favorite sessions ever. It was all about music and the power of hymns. We had some great speakers who got to choose their favorite song from the hymn book to talk about and then we all sang it. It was so neat.
And of course this little girl may have had something to do with our loving it!!
Ellie got to sing with her music group for the whole audience that session. It was a beautiful song and they all did a fantastic job. We are very proud of how much she has overcome in the stage fright department. She wasn't nervous at all.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Wings Festival

On Saturday we took the kids to the Winter Wings Festival up at OIT. It didn't sound so appealing to me but was actually really cool. They had tons of booths set up and a whole room upstairs full of activities for kids. They got to be hands on with everything and see lots of live "big" birds. Including one Big Eagle man in feathered suit that insisted on scaring all the kids.
My kids favorite part was a woman who came to tell stories...with so much kids were entranced. We had fun and it was nice to spend the day with daddy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

24 weeks- (6 months)

Time has FLOWN with this pregnancy!
Over half way there and so in love with this tiny little boy! Just a few tid bits:
* This is our last baby so I am cherishing every bitter sweet moment.
*When it comes to food I crave ANYTHING Mexican , in fact they know me by name at Jalapenos and they start writing down my "chicken chips-with the chips on the side" as soon as I get up to the counter.
*He is so mellow compared to my others, he only kicks every so often and very softly.
*I have gained about 10lbs more at this point in time than any other pregnancy :(
*My kids are more than excited for him to come and Connor is loving that he gets to share a room with his little brother.
* I have gotten something (totally new to me) this time around....something called the "mask" of pregnancy...oh and some awesome breakouts on my face. Yep, you would think I was a 12 year old girl.
*He still does not have a name, which is also something that is new to me, we usually have one picked out already. Scott won't budge on my favorite name and keeps throwing these crazy science names at no.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

10th anniversary- 2012

We are talking about going with some of our best friends, on a cruise for the both of our 10th anniversaries. Does anyone have any advice or know of any great deals on where to go or which cruise line to take?
(Assuming that the world doesn't end before we get to go or the seas are overcome by pirates)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Huge flakes!

The other morning it started to snow here. But not just a little, HUGE snowflakes. The kids were in awe. So we ran outside, jammies and all, and tried to catch them on our tongues. It wasn't hard, they were so big. These pictures really do not do them justice.
And this little one stayed warm and cozy inside. Smart girl.