Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Relia

Last week we had a special visitor come to our house to see us! Scott's sister Kris had a baby girl and named her after her Great Grandmother Skinner (Pam's mom).
Relia Lilly
She is just one of the most beautiful babies, and very alert. My kids had so much fun holding her and smiling at her. We were so distracted I totally forgot to take out my camera so these pic's are from my sister in laws various sites.
Babies are just so sweet and soft and you always seem to forget that yummy newborn smell.
We will soon have another new cousin to add to the mix, my little sister Lauren is due this Saturday with her first! We can not wait to see that little Gerber Baby!!


The Gerbers said...

I'm actually due Sunday, but maybe you saying Saturday is a sign and he'll be here then. =) Please, oh please!!

Norm and Melissa Scown said...

Oh look how sweet she is. You forget how tiny they once were lol.