Friday, February 12, 2010

24 weeks- (6 months)

Time has FLOWN with this pregnancy!
Over half way there and so in love with this tiny little boy! Just a few tid bits:
* This is our last baby so I am cherishing every bitter sweet moment.
*When it comes to food I crave ANYTHING Mexican , in fact they know me by name at Jalapenos and they start writing down my "chicken chips-with the chips on the side" as soon as I get up to the counter.
*He is so mellow compared to my others, he only kicks every so often and very softly.
*I have gained about 10lbs more at this point in time than any other pregnancy :(
*My kids are more than excited for him to come and Connor is loving that he gets to share a room with his little brother.
* I have gotten something (totally new to me) this time around....something called the "mask" of pregnancy...oh and some awesome breakouts on my face. Yep, you would think I was a 12 year old girl.
*He still does not have a name, which is also something that is new to me, we usually have one picked out already. Scott won't budge on my favorite name and keeps throwing these crazy science names at no.


Laura said...

Science names, huh? Darwin Olsen does have a nice ring to it:) You look pretty great for only having 3 months to go, but I'm hoping you gain lots more weight that is hard to take off so my ego gets a boost when I see you.

suzanne said...

You look adorable as always! I think I may have seen you tonight out of the corner of my eye - sorry I didn't get a chance to at least say hello!

Jaime said...

Suzanne- you are sweet, and you did a fantastic job tonight!!

Laura- No joke,Darwin is at the top of his list. And there is a reason I dont ever show my face or fat arms in these pictures! but thanks for the confidence boost! Can't wait to see you!

GiGi said...

Jaime: Wish I were there to pat your cute tummy! Don't worry about the name, Scott will give in at the end - I'm sure. (Won't you, Scott!!!!!) SCOTT ???

Lauren said...

Your insane for thinking your so huge. You look great. And please don't listen to Scott. Roberto is just not happening..

Nicole said...

No to science names!! What is your favorite name? I think you look great!
Reading this post reminded be of being pregnant this time last year. I was miserably sick! the first pregnancy I got that sick. I hate the pregnancy mask! I got that too. At least we know how worth it it is in the end.

Sara said...

Over half way and you are as big now as I was at 12 weeks :) I got that lovely mask with my number four too, don't worry it goes away, you should name the baby Evan ;) grandpa would be thrilled!

Auntie Patty said...

Roberto??? Not in this family!! LOL Jaime you look great....well, your tummy does anyway! Love all the pics of the kids too.....keep them coming as well of more pics of you and what's his name!!!???? You all are sure keeping your mom and dad busy! Lucky them!! Love you

Auntie Patty said...

I guess I should read what I write before I publish what I send??? You know what I mean!!!