Tuesday, August 28, 2012


On to Logan Utah!
We stayed with Nana who we love dearly and don't see nearly enough.
She made cookies with the Great Grandkids and told stories from when Grandpa was little. The kids ate it up!

And of course Auntie Lauren, Uncle Straton and Oaklen!!
(or in other words, Sawyers BFF)
These two boys got along so well. They held hands and had 2 year old chit chat back and forth the entire time.
Yet another part of our family that needs to be closer.

Blackfoot with the Weilands

We finally got to Blackfoot Idaho and jumped out of the car to the smiling faces of our Weiland cousins. We really do miss living close to Niki and Greg's family.
 We had a few days to spend with them so we packed in as much as we could.
We had movie nights, watched a whole lot of Downton Abby, made amazing treats, went to a fabulous water park in Pocatello, and then spent a day at the Lake.

It was so hard to say goodbye to them. We talked about it and we all think they need to MOVE TO OREGON!!


Our great big trip this summer was in August when we went to see Greg and Niki in Blackfoot and then went on to Utah to visit all of my family in Logan.

We left at 3am that first morning and drove straight to Boise Idaho.
 We stoped at a cool kids museum there to let the kids stretch their legs.
I loved the mini shopping center.
The big kids, even Scott, loved the bed of nails.
Sawyer's favorite part was carrying a dog brush around everywhere and brushing things.
Cute little place and a nice break in the trip.