Monday, June 29, 2009

Great snack idea!

My friend Michi brought these over the other day I thought they were such a great idea!
I am always cutting the crust off Ellies bread and they usually go to waste, but now I'm gonna make these! You take the crusts, fry them in a little vegetable oil and then roll them in sugar! How simple is that, even I can make them that says a lot!
I about ate my weight in these, I love them!! Try it!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fabulous Giveaway!!!

In August I am hosting a Giveaway over at The Dress-up Drawer, spotlighting creative women who make amazing homemade items! I am so excited! I have a fun list of awesome giveaways already (from jewelry to clothing and many more), but would love your input! If you are, or know of any of these creative women please submit their blog/ Etsy/ or shop to me so I can see if they want to join us!
E mail me:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Summer has officially started for the Olsen family! As soon as all the birthdays start, and we get Daddy all to ourselves for a few months...and of course we kick off the season with our first trip to go see Grandma Jan in California. Scott took the oldest two down a day earlier and Macie and I came after our Primary activity on Saturday. We celebrated Macies birthday with a cake Daddy made and trick candles, (that I am not so sure she liked blowing out). We are ALWAYS super spoiled by Jan and Allen when we visit and get treated like we are on vacation at a resort. This is my favorite part of the trip.... well this and IKEA.
Allan's famous homemade salsa and guacamole!!

We love to visit Garrett , Auntie Patty (who had a B-day also) and Uncle Pat and see GiGi! The kids end up sleeping really good after swimming in the pool ALL day! It was 101 degrees the day we left. I miss it already.

Friday, June 19, 2009

bag and hair flowers

My mom finished Macies beach bag! Went with sea horses instead of a crab. That and my latest fabric flower fetish on my hobby blog!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Laur-Laur & Strat

see more here & here

Make it and Love it

If this blog isn't on your fav's list it should be! I have been a blog stalker of this girls blog for about 6 months and I have used many of her tutorials! She's great check her out!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

HE WON.....


Almost 2

This girl is a crack up. Macie is almost 2 and so far, aside from her occasional melt down, the terrible two's have been more on the silly side. This is her new thing, Macie likes to talk to you with her eyes closed and pucker her lips. This is what it looks like...


UNPACKING!! That is just about all we have been doing the past 4 days. We didn't realize how much we would love being in our new house. It has been such a huge blessing the way everything has worked out and we can't thank Grandma and Grandpa Olsen enough for being so kind and living like college students when they come into town! We are very grateful.
It has been so fun to have so many great parks close to us now, one being almost in our front yard. Ellies new school is really close to us and I have to say that I, yes I, spent about 20 minutes playing on the Playground equipment the other day. It is an amazing school. We see people walking there dogs and playing Frisbee and running for exercise and not from the police which is what we us to see out our windows!
Scott got the grant that he applied for this summer for his Masters program, we are excited because it will pay for half of it. He starts next week so that will be a little tough for us because he will be in Ashland and Medford so much but we have a busy summer ahead and will be working around his classes.
We are all doing great and can't wait for a fun summer of cousins, camping, swimming and the beach. We hope you are all doing well also!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

cake wrecks

Has anybody been seen this blog? Cake wrecks.

It is so funny you have to go read what the girl writes. I am literally in tears, here are some:


It has been a crazy week. We are finally in our new house!! All of yesterday and today was spent taking load after load back and forth and cleaning. So glad to be done, sadly we still have to move everything from the garage over still. Uhhh.

We need a vacation!

And what is with this weather.... are we in Portland? We need some sun.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

her hobby...

Ok, so here's the hobby blog...not finished yet and it actually might be changing entirely in a few months as I venture into something new!! Stay tuned, more on that later. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I was putting old pictures on my computer and found this beauty! This is Julie and I close to my birthday 2 years ago. And because I am spoiled by her talents she just gave me this as an early Birthday present:
Your the best, Thanks hoochie mama!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Out fishing on free fishing day with those handsome Smith boys!

Yep...that's a man smacking a fish on the head in front of my un-expecting 3 year old!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

baby girls

Making things for girls is just so much more fun than for little boys! There is just so much more you can do and it's so pretty!
My friend Amy just had a baby shower today and it is her first girl so I thought she needed a bum load of GIRL STUFF and something fun to put it all in!! I can't stop making these hair clips! I love them so much I might just start sporting them. (And I'm selling them now at The Dress-up Drawer)
Every little girl needs a twirly skirt!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Birthday gorilla..

Ellie had a special visitor at school on her birthday!! That's right.. it was a huge scary lookin' gorilla!!

*Background: when I was growing up, my mom and some of the mothers of the LDS kids in the local schools would rent a costume (usually a bunny or a monkey ect.) and on Valentines day would come into the classroom of each of the kids and give us balloons, treats and...well...embarrass us to no end!! Sara, Laura, remember?!?

Since Ellie didn't have any kids in her class that I knew the parents well enough to do this for on Valentines Day, I thought it would be fun to do it for her Birthday!!

The pictures are terrible, I was laughing sooo hard that I'm shocked that they aren't ALL fuzzy!

- The "Gorilla" had slits for eyes, literally, and kept running into desks and children!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Grosgrain: SHABBY APPLE Marseilles Dress GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

I LOVE! Shabby Apple clothes, especially there maternity line, so I have to tell you all about the great giveaway over at Grosgrain!! Go sign up to win the awesome Marseilles dress!!

Grosgrain: SHABBY APPLE Marseilles Dress GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

bags n' straps

I made these bags for my friend a few weeks ago and forgot to post them, (by the way I am going to be making a hobby blog to post all this stuff on cause I know not all of you really care to see any of my projects! Or at least not on our family blog. I post them as a reference/journal log for myself.) She gave me some fabric and said do whatever, so I had fun experimenting. I also made her a camera strap, my first so don't hate. I took terrible pictures cause I had 3 seconds to take them. The strap is hooked to my camera so it was difficult! I didn't sew it into the actual strap, cause then she would have to buy a new strap if she ever wanted to change it, so it is sorta like a slipcover. Anyway, made it a little to big and the ones I have made since I used interfacing. But it was a fun project!


One of my beautiful little sisters was chosen to be in a wedding photo shoot by the amazing Kellee over at moments by kellee. Lauren and Straton got to do a full photo shoot for free, (when normally Kellee charges a sitting fee of $700.00) This is just a sneak peak, she will be posting more soon. Click here to see more pictures.
Just beautiful Lauren, Love it!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ellie Bellie turns 6!!

On this day, in Rexburg Idaho in 2003 a puffy eyed little girl was born. 7lbs. 15oz.

Today, my baby turned six! I can't believe it. Ellie is such an amazing daughter, she makes me happy everyday. These are some of my favorite thing's about this girl:

Ellie is a little teacher. She loves to sing, at the top of her lungs, in vibrato. She thinks the color grey should be called plaid. Ellie would rather watch a musical than any other movie. She has great style. Loves vintage costume jewelry. Is super creative. Makes up words. She always wants to cuddle. Is such a good big sister.She looks just like her Daddy. Ellie gives others compliments. She loves her friends and family and worries about them constantly.

I am so grateful for such a beautiful being in my life. Happy Birthday sweet girl!