Saturday, September 29, 2012

First day of school 2012

Ellie ~ 4th grade

Connor ~ 2nd grade
Macie ~ Kindergarten

Spa day

We had our annual back to school spa day and invited Brynlie this year.
 Julie and Jeremy's family moved just 5 houses down the street from us (which is pretty much the most awesome thing ever) so it was easy for Bryn to walk up and join us.
We got all squeaky clean and manicured for the first day of school. This year Scott's treat for the kids was fruit smoothies. We had a blast. Crazy how fast these kids are growing up.

back to the beach

Our summer ended the same way it started, at South Beach on the Oregon coast.
Our good friends the Hewlett's invited us down for the weekend.
The boys decided to go out deep sea fishing for tuna while the girls played on the beach and at the camp ground.
 We had bought a fun pop up tent trailer earlier that month and this was the first time we got to use it.
The weather was a bit colder this trip but it was so fun. I have a new love for camping. Tent trailers make things so much easier.
Thanks Hewlett's for such great company! Lets do it again.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

the hair cut

It happened. It finally happened.
All these curly locks had to get a trim and I knew it.

You know it's time when you find your self able to do this:

Before we came back to Klamath we stopped in the cutest hair cutting shop and all four of the kids got hair cuts.
But his was the one that was the hardest.
When it was all said and done, we really didn't even cut off that much. It wasn't until the girl handed me a clear pouch full of his blond curls that I got a little sick to my stomach.
We still think he's pretty darn cute!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bear Lake - 2012

On our last leg of our big trip we headed to the lake. Our brother in law, Straton and his family own a cabin on Bear Lake and they were very nice and let us all come stay again for a few days.
We love this lake. Such fun memories made here.
The legend of the Bear Lake Monster still lives strong up here.
It has changed a bit since we were here last and the water is extremely high. Sawyer and Macie could have walked all the way out to those buoys in this picture above before it gets deep.

The weather was perfect but so smokey from fire's all across Utah that we couldn't have any fire's ourselves.

Macie is always within arms reach of Grandpa.
These boys played and played hard!

Oaklen is such a sweet boy. I love that Sawyer has someone so close to his age.


Thank you Gerber family for keeping us very entertained. We loved every minute of it. Next time...parasailing?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Temple Square- SLC

I am reminded every time I step onto the grounds at Temple Square just how special it is to be there.
We really wanted all of our kids to get to experience the history. We met up with a great friend of mine and her cute family.

Suzanne's husband Boyce used to be in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and we asked him to be our tour guide.

(This was Sawyer shushing Oaklen in the Tabernacle)
(And then giggling about it)
This was my favorite day of the entire vacation.

I don't think I could ever live there, but Utah really has some amazing places to visit.

Discovery Gateway Children's Museum- SLC

While in Utah we took a day trip to Salt Lake City because the kids had never been there. Our first stop was this awesome children's museum.
I wish we would have known how cool this place was because we might have made SLC a 2 day trip because of it.
Macie was pleased as punch that she got to pretend she was a real cowgirl and was able to "feed" and sit on a life sized horse.
Sawyer loved all the cars.
Oaklen on the rock wall.

We all took a turn at the news desk.
Ellie was a natural.
And you can't tell me you wouldn't want to watch this boys cute face every morning!!
Out on the roof was a helicopter.

It had all the buttons and levers and made life-like sounds.
It was a favorite spot that day.
LOVED this Museum!! Gonna have to go back.