Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scarecrow Row

Last weekend we took the kids downtown to Scarecrow Row. The city, about a month or so before made about 30 different life size scarecrow's with different themes. I didn't manage to take a picture but they were really cute. One was Edward Scissor hands and one was, Captain Jack Sparrow. At the end of the day they auctioned them off.

We slept in a little so we had to throw the kids in there costumes and run downtown in time for the kids to be in the costume parade. They had so much fun walking the streets and waving to everyone. There was trick or treating at every shop when the kids were done with the parade and face painting, pumpkin carving and live music. So much fun.

Let me explain Connors costume a little. Connor is OBSESSED with Holiday's, ALL of them. He really gets into Halloween and so he has been talking about it since August. We asked him what he wanted to be this year and his answer has never wavered. Since August.

He choose to be a Grandpa! (his other OBSESSION) If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up the answer is always "A Grandpa"
What a funny little guy, so much personality.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back up and running...

The flu has come and gone so we are feeling a bit better. I did send Connor to school yesterday in what I would describe as... a step up from P.J.'s, only to find out that yes.... it was picture day that day. (sigh) what can you do huh?!

Anyway, I just wanted to post about Ellie. She is doing so great in school and loves her teacher. I have been debating putting her in Gymnastics, she has been in Ballet, swimming, and cheerleading groups before and I thought she would really like Gymnastics. ( I LOVED it)

Silly me to think my daughter is anything like I was at this age, can you guess what she came to me and ASKED if she could be in.............

Chess club!!!

Who is this girl? She loves it and Daddy even bought her her own chess game that she takes with her to every class. I love that girl!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I was incredibly humbled this weekend by the wonderful people in my life.
Friends that will pick up your daughter 5 minutes before school is out because you are on deaths door sick and can't pull yourself off the couch, no questions asked!

Or a friend who comes to see if you are ok and voluntarily changes the nastiest diaper known to man, while you are puking in the bathroom.

Friends who take your kids for you so you can take sleep the chills off.
A husband that will wait on you hand and foot...plus clean the house.
And a mother in law that brings you to tears with her wishes of making you homemade chicken noodle soup if she were in town.

I am very blessed and am very thankful to know what a great support system I have!

~Thank you.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A recipe....whaaaat

If you know me at all...you know that I DON'T cook. I bake a little, but have never loved cooking.

This is the first and probably the last recipe I will ever talk about on here, but I had to share it's yummy goodness. I have had this recipe for about 2 years but have never made it and last night we went to our friends house for dinner and for desert she made it!!

What was it?

It was chocolate pudding. I know, I know.. how boring right. I'm not even a huge

pudding person but this pudding had a special ingredient.


I'm telling you this pudding will rock your world!!
I put the recipe up over HERE!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

drama en la casa

This little girl :

40 minutes locked behind our bedroom door


lots of sad tears


Mommy shoving chocolate chips under the door until a plan is devised


$40.00 bill to a locksmith!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

imma let you finish....

Complements of Leelou!

Go to Letters to Rob to see more entries to the Kanye contest!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fire Safety

After Gabe's birthday party we went to the local fire station to learn about fire safety! Ironically, the timing was perfect because just an hour before Sofia caught her hair on FIRE!
Connor was in heaven! To be this close to so many firemen and get to sit in the fire truck was almost to much for him. He was beaming from ear to ear!!

Sliding down the fire pole!

In the fire truck.

Ellie taking a class about what to do if you woke up and your room was filled with smoke!

Connor looking at unsafe things in a house. Each room shows what happens if we are not careful. Some of the rooms actually spark and smoke and others have electric currants.

Watching them show us how they do a rescue.

Putting out a fire!!

kids conservation day

This weekend we went up to Corvallis to pack in as much fun and as many cousins as we could in such a short time and we succeeded! We crammed in 2 big kid events, a birthday party, and the U of O game!

First we all went to Kids Conservation day at the Corvallis fair grounds and spent a few hours learning about animals, and fresh produce..ect.
The kids got to try and catch crawdads and look at cool bugs.

Ellie, Sofia and Gabe got to put on costumes and be in a parade around the arena, then sit inside a HUGE blow up salmon and hear a story.

They went "fishing" in a brook

and got to touch real fish eggs.

But I think my kids favorite station was the one with the Big Snakes!!

We loved it!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


We had such a fun weekend and I will have to tell you all about it later (because it is way to late)
But I had to post this video before I forgot.
This was taken on Saturday at my nephew Gabe's 2nd birthday party. This video may seem a little scary and you might wonder why I thought it was so funny, and really it's not, but we all had a good laugh at Kara's (his mom) reaction ...and sweet little Gabe who just wants to blow out his candle!!