Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Annie Creek with the Olsens

There was a week straight at the end of December into January that is snowed a few feet. And out at Annie Creek, our favorite winter getaway spot, that meant the snow was even higher.

We headed up in the morning and meet up with Grandpa and Grandma Olsen and the Becerra family.
As soon as we got all our snow clothes on Sawyer was outside and spent 80% of the day face down in the snow...eating it!

He took long enough breaks to get some sledding and eating in with the big kids,

Then it was back to face down in the snow.
 We had some great cousin time.
 And yummy food.
And great time spent with the Grandparents too!

Uncle Chris got this fun shot of Connor and I, death flashing before my eyes.
LOVE that Annie Creek!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas Day

Just woke up.
.Present from Santa
.Trying to figure out clues to find present from Mom and Dad....
.Found it!!
.Off to see family.

Polar Express 2012

Another amazing Polar Express night this year.
GiGi brought all the kids coloring books about trains this year so we started off the night with some coloring while the Polar Express store was being set up.
Sawyer lovin' on GiGi.
Then it was time to make reindeer food.
Everyone lined up at the store and got their treats for the movie and bought their ticket.
Got tickets punched from the conductor and headed down for the movie, hot chocolate and a bell at the end! 
After the movie we look out the windows for Rudolf's nose and wouldn't you know it we seem to see him every year in the backyard walking around and then he moves to the front. The kids go CRAZY and then that's our Que to pack it up and head home to get in bed quick.
This is by far my kids favorite tradition!!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!


We actually got a descent amount of snow this year and have made the most of it. We have a park across the street from our house that makes the perfect sledding run in the winter. We spent hours here with friends and family.

C & M's Winter Program

So, I'm still catching up from December and wanted to add this in. Connor and Macie had a Christmas Program at school.
(She is right in the middle, bottom row)
Mrs. Hay is the music teacher at their school and she is just amazing.
Such a great lady.
Connor was a little harder to get a picture of. He is much more shy than Macie.
Macie wanted to make sure Mrs. Hay saw us in the audience. Macie is sitting next to her teachers son who is in her class.
Even Santa showed up and Oaklen and Sawyer had to sit on his lap.
Another fun year of Christmas programs for these two!