Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy bird day!

Our Thanksgiving was truly a "bird day" this year. I have never been a huge fan..strike that.. I have never been a fan at all of bird watching, but I gave in to my sweet husband and our whole family woke up Thanksgiving morning and piled into Daddy's truck and went down to the bird refuge. And it actually turned out to be one of the best family outings ever! The kids loved it, they got to sit in the back of truck bed and Connor used the binoculars to describe the birds to Ellie who was desperately trying to look their identities up in the bird classification book! So Funny!! So in MY words I saw some little brown birds..little black ducks, and what appeared to be a few big black and white dogs in the tops of a big tree....
Translation from Scott...Pheasants, Coots, and Bald Eagles!
We had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Has to be in the top 10!

Making cookies with your kids just to eat the dough together!!

Holiday Crazzzzzy.

If anyone knows Connor well, or has had a conversation with him in the last two months you might have picked up on the fact that he is totally obsessed with any and all holidays! Halloween was filled with talk of Jack the Pumpkin King and spiders webs and making sure to ask every single person that came to the door that whole month, if they would.."Trick or Treat, or smell his feet."
Now it is Christmas Mania at our home. I have never meet anyone, aside from my mother, that wants to decorate every single thing for Christmas so much. I am really impressed with his wanting to learn so much about the birth of Christ and all of the different animals in the stable with him. By the way if you don't have the book called "The Crippled Lamb" it should definitely be on your list of must haves for Christmas books.
I can't get enough of this Boy!!

My girls....

There is nothing better than bunking with your sister! When I first got married and we decided to have kids, I hoped and prayed to have at least two girls. Sisters. I didn't have any brothers and all I know is Sisterly lovin' and I so want that for my girls. They are at such a fun stage. Ellie is such a big helper and sweet big sister to Macie. But what can I say..... Big sisters are always the best!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm so glad when daddy comes home...

It has been one busy week for our family. Scott went to Portland for 4 days so I was extra busy and all lonely.So, In those four days I squeezed in a Priesthood preview for Primary,which went great. Then, my poor Dad had my kids ALL day so I could host bunko and then head over to see the midnight showing of Twilight with all the girls. (And might as well have been a young women's activity for the stake. I felt sooo old and teeny bopper-ish.) School drop off, school pick up,A hair cut, a presidency meeting, sports complex, sewing like a mad women, trips to post office, Primary Program ( also AMAZING, due to great counselors, wonderful kids, and the best music leader in the land!!!), deep cleaning my house within hours after church to get it ready to show...and a partridge in a pear tree!!! Thank heavens for babysitters.

I am so in need on a mini vaca I can't even tell you. I shouldn't complain I have many friends that do all of this and more every week. Please, let me in on your SECRETS!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Missionary BFF's

Connor is in love with missionaries!! Any and ALL! If we could have them over everyday he would be in heaven. When they come over he wants to read with them out of his "skiptures." Yesterday, Scott took 6 missionaries up to Crater Lake. He does this about twice a year but this time Connor got to go!! He was so excited. Scott got some great pictures, but oddly enough...none with Connor and the missionaries. :(

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

Yep..little late in the posting. Our Halloween was so fun this year. Wednesday my kids got dressed up an went to Grandpa and Grandma Mortenson's ward party, Thursday was our own ward party, and Halloween we went to the Larson's house for yummy food, trick or treating, and tonz of friends and fun. I took some pictures of the girls, but didn't manage to get a good one of "Motorcycle Biker Connor" That is yet to come..(Rose if you are stalking this blog, I need that picture!!)

So here are some of our Halloween week!! Please pay no attention to my heap of sewing stuff in the corner of my dinning room!