Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Crazzzzzy.

If anyone knows Connor well, or has had a conversation with him in the last two months you might have picked up on the fact that he is totally obsessed with any and all holidays! Halloween was filled with talk of Jack the Pumpkin King and spiders webs and making sure to ask every single person that came to the door that whole month, if they would.."Trick or Treat, or smell his feet."
Now it is Christmas Mania at our home. I have never meet anyone, aside from my mother, that wants to decorate every single thing for Christmas so much. I am really impressed with his wanting to learn so much about the birth of Christ and all of the different animals in the stable with him. By the way if you don't have the book called "The Crippled Lamb" it should definitely be on your list of must haves for Christmas books.
I can't get enough of this Boy!!

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