Friday, March 30, 2012

fun song


Scott and I are kinda addicted to this song by Gotye right now!
We heard it on the radio too, but this version is the best.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

the "rock concert"

Little known fact about my kids is that they are all rock collectors. I think since Ellie was 3 Scott and Bud have taken my kids to rock and gem shows and little rock museums. They have quite a collection.
Klamath Falls just had their rock and gem show a few weeks ago and we all went. Connor was excited for days before and kept asking when we were going to "the rock concert". Made me smile.

national womens appreciation day

Flowers from Daddy and Connor.
(yes, Macie has on 3 swimsuits)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

rough day

Sunday was a sad day for our little family. Sometimes I am terrified that I am going to screw my kids up somehow. Even though while in the moment I think I am doing alright. That I am parenting as best as I know how and I make it an effort to study and research every possible mommy tip, idea and strategy and then make it my own.
There are days when I crawl into bed at night and I rerun through all the moments I had with each of my children and I can say.. "Today was a really good day and I feel really good at the moments I had with Ellie, and I am glad I stuck to my guns in a punishment with Connor...ect."

There are also days that are the complete opposite. Days that I am sure I have created a teenage monster in an 8 year old's body, or that I wasn't compassionate enough,or kind enough. When all my efforts to not yell at anyone that day fail.

Then there are days like Sunday. When we had to decide if we wanted to tell our kids the truth about having to get rid of our family pet, our dog Lucy. And even though it might sound silly and no big deal to some, our kids became so attached to that sweet dog. Even months before, when we hinted at the idea of letting her live with another family that can keep her inside all the time and be home to play with her everyday we were bombarded with heavy sobs and tears.

But the decision had to be made because of our busy summer plans and Scott and I went back and forth on whether or not we should just tell the kids that Lucy got out of the backyard (not that unusual lately) and we hadn't seen her in days. This we thought would be a quick, blameless solution. Or, we could sit them down and just tell the truth. Explaining all the pros for Lucy and for us.

Long story short, we did end up with sobs and tears. More sadness than I had ever seen my kids express. I did have terrifying thoughts that my kids were now scarred in some way and they would have this to add to a therapist's bill someday. I even tried to lessen the blow by having them express how they felt by writing a letter to Lucy and one to the family that would get her next.
It was sad. So sad. Scott and I held back tears just watching our babies lose something they loved so much.

Sunday night will be a memorable one for me as a mother and I don't know if I did the right thing, or if we did it in the best way. But I will tell you this, I feel good about not lying to our kids. I feel good about how it ended and that Scott and I handled a hard situation (small as it may seem) together.

Monday, March 12, 2012

"Brothers don't just shake hands...Brothers gotta hug!"

Smooshed in between the chair and it's cushion.

On a rainy day.

Watchin' Lassie. With your brother!! :)


. Fish faces!!

Trying our hand at mini golf at the fish hatchery.

This hatchery is really cool and a favorite stop of ours but I am always blown away at how huge the Sturgeon are. (I think that is what their name is) CREEEEPY!

To this day I have a mini panic attack when I get into any lake because I can't get the image of those fish out of my head.


road trip

Last month Scott had a Track meeting at U of O so we headed up to Corvallis to visit with Kara and Chris and their family and then to Eugene to see Kris and Heather and all the Oregon cousins. We got to stay a few days and we had so much fun.



In a nutshell the trip included carousel rides, a pizza party, awesome thrift store finds, a trip to the ER for Connor at 2 in the morning, lots of guinea pig holding, building Lego castles, playing round after round of Colorku (my new fav. game), another night of being awoken at 2 in the morning...this time with kids throwing up, my most embarrassing moment to date, a BBQ feast, walks to the park, and a grand kids date with Grandma and Grandpa to the movie theater!!



bath time- glow in the dark edition

A few weeks ago, before bed, we decided we needed to have a little fun. I tossed the kids in the tub and we turned off all the lights. I cracked open about 12 glow sticks and they had a little glow in the dark party. You would have thought it was Christmas Eve that night.

Time of their lives!!