Friday, March 28, 2014

Monster Dash 2013

I ran a freaking race!! Never before and probably never again but it was a blast!


 I ran in the 5K and our group choose 80's aerobic instructors. SO fun. It was the Monster Dash over in Ashland OR just before Halloween.

We even put together a spur of the moment exercise routine for all around us.

I jogged/walked it with this amazing couple (who by the way were 8 1/2 months preggo)

All in all I am so glad I got to do this and will remember it forever. Such a fun group of women.

family pictures

Molly Mortenson took our family pictures one evening and I love them. Here are some of our favorites:

First pack meeting


Geocaching FHE

Klamath has some great Geocaching.
We like the ones that turn out to be something fun. This one wasn't super cool but it was hidden inside of a tree and was tricky to find.

We got to sign our names and see who else had found it before us before we put it back.

Plus we got a great hike out of it.

Joy School trip to the pumpkin patch

Sawyer is in a fun little Joy School with a bunch of his cute friends. The mom's rotate houses and do a fun scheduled lesson each week. This week they went to the Pumpkin Patch for a field trip.

It was freezing but the kiddo's didn't care. They were excited to be let loose and pick their very own pumpkin.

All that hard work pooped him out.

Adventures in cub scouts

Connor started cub scouts and loves it. He has some amazing leaders and a Super Amazing Scout Guru Grandma!! 
Grandma Lynnie shocked us all and took charge of helping Connor with scouts. She is amazing and has charts, and binders and pinterest boards on scouts. She is a gem.
For this activity below Connor had to make up his own game night for our family. He choose to do some carnival like games. He made a Minecraft bean bag toss.

Glow Stick and Syrup bottle ring toss.

And a game that had marbles that was Sawyer's favorite.

He finished his Bobcat and then got his Wolf soon after. Scouts has been so good for him. He is so proud of his beads, arrows, badges and all his belt loops. All thanks to Grandma Lynnie! 
 He asks me every week if he can wear his uniform to school.

Rainbow Bay campout-2013

While we still had a few warm days left we invited a few families to go with us to Rainbow Bay in Coos Bay Oregon. This is our favorite campsite to take the kids to. You have your own personal beach almost and it is shallow for a ways out.
We packed up our pop-up tent trailer and headed to the ocean.

This weekend at the Oregon Coast was AMAZING! It's never warm when I have been but it was down right hot! The kids were in the water 80% of the time. (we were minus Ellie this trip...I cant remember why)

Each family took charge of a meal and it worked out awesome. We roasted smores, kayaked in the ocean, toured the famous gardens, went crabbing and even got to see some sea lions up close and personal. Maybe a little to close and personal for my liking :)
We decided this needs to happen every year. 

Tulelake Fair

Ellie and Connor both got to work at the Dough Boy at the fair this Summer. They truly would rather work there than ride all the rides.
And this is where Macie could have spent all night!! Such a little cowgirl.


This was so fun, this year they had pig races. We all picked a pig and then cheered it on as they opened the gates. Connor laughed so hard that night. So much fun.