Friday, March 28, 2014

Rainbow Bay campout-2013

While we still had a few warm days left we invited a few families to go with us to Rainbow Bay in Coos Bay Oregon. This is our favorite campsite to take the kids to. You have your own personal beach almost and it is shallow for a ways out.
We packed up our pop-up tent trailer and headed to the ocean.

This weekend at the Oregon Coast was AMAZING! It's never warm when I have been but it was down right hot! The kids were in the water 80% of the time. (we were minus Ellie this trip...I cant remember why)

Each family took charge of a meal and it worked out awesome. We roasted smores, kayaked in the ocean, toured the famous gardens, went crabbing and even got to see some sea lions up close and personal. Maybe a little to close and personal for my liking :)
We decided this needs to happen every year. 

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