Friday, March 28, 2014

Adventures in cub scouts

Connor started cub scouts and loves it. He has some amazing leaders and a Super Amazing Scout Guru Grandma!! 
Grandma Lynnie shocked us all and took charge of helping Connor with scouts. She is amazing and has charts, and binders and pinterest boards on scouts. She is a gem.
For this activity below Connor had to make up his own game night for our family. He choose to do some carnival like games. He made a Minecraft bean bag toss.

Glow Stick and Syrup bottle ring toss.

And a game that had marbles that was Sawyer's favorite.

He finished his Bobcat and then got his Wolf soon after. Scouts has been so good for him. He is so proud of his beads, arrows, badges and all his belt loops. All thanks to Grandma Lynnie! 
 He asks me every week if he can wear his uniform to school.

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