Monday, July 21, 2008

Mac Hinkley

I wouldn't usually do this but I am going to put a link to a blog that has been so touching to me that I really feel that I should share it. I don't know these people personally but nevertheless their story has left an imprint on my heart. Josh and Cali Hinkley went in for a stress test on their 40 week unborn son, two days before his due date and sadly found no heartbeat. Although Cali, the mother, had felt him kicking just the night before. I can't imagine the sadness they must have felt and how to even begin healing...I wouldn't know how.

The outpouring of help and love from family and friends is just amazing. It really strengthens my testimony on forever family's and personal faith and love for our Savior.

Make sure you visit both Cali's blog and MaKallister's blog as well. The slide show is so great, make sure you have a tissue!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A unicorn named Andryella

These pictures are about a month old, but Connor is still talking about his pony ride on "Dusty". When I was little our grandma took us to Fairy Tale Town in Sacramento and right outside there is a pony ride place. I have pictures of my sister and I at this same place at about the same age. Which I thought was so cool I had to get my kids pictures on it too.

So the funny part about this day was when I leaned into my 5 year old, very imaginative, daughter and asked her if she was having so much fun? Her response was " Yes mommy, but it would be even better if my horse was a unicorn named Andryella" To this all I could manage to respond was...... "Yea Ellie....that would be super fun!" She cracks me up.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Top of my favorite list!

I highly recommend this amazing store to anyone who enjoys awesome food. Not just there bread, but sandwiches and salads! I have had dreams about there Cinnamon toast bagel!!!

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

Happy Birthday Connor!