Monday, July 21, 2008

Mac Hinkley

I wouldn't usually do this but I am going to put a link to a blog that has been so touching to me that I really feel that I should share it. I don't know these people personally but nevertheless their story has left an imprint on my heart. Josh and Cali Hinkley went in for a stress test on their 40 week unborn son, two days before his due date and sadly found no heartbeat. Although Cali, the mother, had felt him kicking just the night before. I can't imagine the sadness they must have felt and how to even begin healing...I wouldn't know how.

The outpouring of help and love from family and friends is just amazing. It really strengthens my testimony on forever family's and personal faith and love for our Savior.

Make sure you visit both Cali's blog and MaKallister's blog as well. The slide show is so great, make sure you have a tissue!


Auntie Rie-Riem said...

wow, that was really hard to watch. I can't even image what they are going threw, i was bawling all threw that. Thanks for sharing that.

The Deans said...

That was possibly the sadest thing that I have ever watched, but touching at the same time. Madeline was at the park with her dad when I watched this and I couldn't wait to hug her.

The Duckworth Family said...

So after bawling through that then spending way too much time looking at other similar stories I wondered where did you come across it in the first place? Oh and by the way, I was looking up somehwere to go camping up by medfored, so I googled camping on the rogue....and your blog was the very first link! How funny is that!