Monday, November 29, 2010

Six months

A half a year already. wow.

Sawyer is so dang fun. I just can not get enough. Right now he is the slobber king. We think he might be getting a tooth or two.

He is eating all sorts of mushy things and begs for more as soon as the spoon leaves his face. His favorite thing to do is jump in his Johnny Jump up and to take a bath. He outgrew the baby tub 2 months ago and is in the blue bath chair.

He also outgrew his infant car seat 2 months ago and is in a whole new world in his big boy car seat.


Some funny things about this boy right now are:
-if I can't seem to make him stop fussing all I have to do is sweep. Yep sweep, we have a brightly colored polka dot broom that instantly makes him smile when we get it out.
- he has a birthmark in a rather unmentionable I won't.
-he went from being the only one I thought might look like his mama to a full fledged Olsen overnight.
-the smallest part of his ankle's are as big around as my wrists (ps I do not have dainty girly wrists)
-roll, roll, roll. He roll's from one side of our living room to the dining room.
-he's not as heavy of a sleeper as my other kids are.
-he's the only one I have had that gets a super cute pouty lip before he cries.
-he does not like binkies and won't take one when he falls asleep.
-he falls asleep in .2 seconds when he is in his Daddy's arms
-crawling is not far away, he rocks back and forth on all fours ALL day long.
-Big snorer!! Just like his mama.
-Loves to give kisses while winding every piece of hair in your head into his chubby little death grip.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Get in my BELLY!!!

We had a tea party!
Macie made the meal..........topless of course.
Sawyer had a twinkie and a cup....

and a hamburger patty and some milk....

and some more cups.

And when it was time to take it away...

First the lip, then....
wait for it....

and were done.

seasonal festivities

I LOVE being able to go into my kids classrooms and help out. I get to see them interact with their school friends and be taught by (and have to listen too) someone other than me.
Ellie was in a play last week about the Pilgrims and the Indians. She sure has a personality on her and I love her for it. She memorized all her parts and was so excited, but she let me know that their was a part in the play where everyone had to do a "turkey trot" dance and she did NOT want me to video her during that part. In fact she was so embarrassed about this little dance that when the time came she hid behind the boy in front of her the whole time...even when he did the shimmy she sunk down when he did. Silly girl.

Connor had a Thanksgiving Feast in his classroom. It would be an understatement to say that those kids loved it.
They had a full on homemade turkey dinner. They made their own place mats, had fun table decorations and were even grown up enough to have sparkling cider!

We really tried to work with our kids on being Thankful for everything they have and to realize that others in other places and even in our own town don't have the things that we use everyday. I had them make a list of some of the things they do every day like: get out of bed, brush teeth, eat breakfast, get in the car, ect. Then I explained to them how lucky they were to be able to sleep in a bed with warm blankets, have water and a toothbrush, have food in our belly's. It was neat to see that the wheels were turning in their heads as they thought about it all.
I truly am thankful for all that I have, and for how I was raised and especially for who I get to spend every day with.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

cousins in corvallis

We were able to be in Corvallis for Sofia's birthday again this year and we got to visit with lots of family.
Again I was blown away by the yummy food, my sisters in law make the BEST meals. So Jealous.

Some of the cousins playing in the leaves, it was so beautiful there.

This for sure is one of the scariest pictures of me but I am putting it in because besides some quick snapshots it is the first and only family picture we have had taken in 3 years.

This little Relia... her dimples alone (which I just realized you can't see in this pic.) make you want to smooch those cheeks.

Grandpa Bud and Sawyer.

I love when my kids get to visit more of our family and wish we lived closer to all the rest!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Scott and the kids came to pick me up in Portland last week and Scott surprised me by getting a hotel. Now I say "surprised" because when my penny saving husband normally gets a is the cheap of the cheap save your money kind of hotel. But this was the nicest hotel our little family had EVER stayed in together. The kids thought they had died and gone to heaven when they saw the indoor- outdoor pool and we must have ridden up and down in the glass elevators 30 times.
That's us way up there!

They also had to play in the revolving doors because they are apparently "so awesome, mom!"
Before we left Portland we stopped at the Portland Temple.
It was more beautiful than I remembered.

The last time I was there I was probably with Scott.... but I also had braces, bangs curled and hair sprayed up about 3 inches and (because we were 14 and 15) were totally oblivious of each other.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

no one likes a frowny face

i love this boy

even his grumpy face

i'll even love it when he is all grown up


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time Out for Mommy

This past weekend I got to have a fabulous girls weekend in Portland and was able to attend Time Out for Women. Scott took all the kids up to Eugene to go to the Ducks game and Sawyer and I had a much needed getaway.
The first night we got to stay with a friend who use to live in our hometown. It was so fun catching up. I literally took my camera, and had full intentions on using it.... and ended up with maybe 3 horrible shots of the entire weekend. Friday we did some AMAZING shopping in some of my favorite stores (that I never get to be close enough to shop in) and got to eat some yummy food. My friend and I even stopped off at a Gelato shop where it took us about 10 minutes to decide which flavor to get. Decisions, decisions!

Friday night 6 of us (plus the wee babe) checked into the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in! I felt like Madeline or like Fancy Nancy...... or J-Lo! It was right downtown so we ate at the restaurant under the hotel (also uber-fancy) and then hoped onto the MAXX that took us to the convention center. That night, Michael McClean put on a concert and we had 2 other speakers. Not my favorite night of speakers but I got some great books that I can not wait to dive into. After the concert we headed back to the hotel and ordered room service in our jammies! Go figure this was the only event I took pictures of.

(We all ordered a desert and then spilt them)

The Saturday session was much better and full of great speakers. I think for me the best part of the trip was all of the gabbing I got to do with such awesome women. Gathering advice and swapping stories. Thanks girls, I really had a fun trip!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

bad pic.'s- beautiful boys

Auntie Laur Laur got to come to town a few weeks ago and surprise Grandpa and Grandma. We got to play with Oaklen and love him like crazy!

. For some reason these are the only pictures I took while they were here and my camera was on the wrong setting so they are fuzzy and washed out but these boys are so cute I thought I'd post them anyway.
Look at Oak's eyelashes!! To.Die.For!

We miss you and love your stinkin' guts.