Monday, November 29, 2010

Six months

A half a year already. wow.

Sawyer is so dang fun. I just can not get enough. Right now he is the slobber king. We think he might be getting a tooth or two.

He is eating all sorts of mushy things and begs for more as soon as the spoon leaves his face. His favorite thing to do is jump in his Johnny Jump up and to take a bath. He outgrew the baby tub 2 months ago and is in the blue bath chair.

He also outgrew his infant car seat 2 months ago and is in a whole new world in his big boy car seat.


Some funny things about this boy right now are:
-if I can't seem to make him stop fussing all I have to do is sweep. Yep sweep, we have a brightly colored polka dot broom that instantly makes him smile when we get it out.
- he has a birthmark in a rather unmentionable I won't.
-he went from being the only one I thought might look like his mama to a full fledged Olsen overnight.
-the smallest part of his ankle's are as big around as my wrists (ps I do not have dainty girly wrists)
-roll, roll, roll. He roll's from one side of our living room to the dining room.
-he's not as heavy of a sleeper as my other kids are.
-he's the only one I have had that gets a super cute pouty lip before he cries.
-he does not like binkies and won't take one when he falls asleep.
-he falls asleep in .2 seconds when he is in his Daddy's arms
-crawling is not far away, he rocks back and forth on all fours ALL day long.
-Big snorer!! Just like his mama.
-Loves to give kisses while winding every piece of hair in your head into his chubby little death grip.


Rachel Garcia said...

He also likes fruit loops!! I was giving them to him on Sunday!!

Auntie Patty said...

wow you are right!!!! i see Ellie big time!!! Poor Jaime!