Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time Out for Mommy

This past weekend I got to have a fabulous girls weekend in Portland and was able to attend Time Out for Women. Scott took all the kids up to Eugene to go to the Ducks game and Sawyer and I had a much needed getaway.
The first night we got to stay with a friend who use to live in our hometown. It was so fun catching up. I literally took my camera, and had full intentions on using it.... and ended up with maybe 3 horrible shots of the entire weekend. Friday we did some AMAZING shopping in some of my favorite stores (that I never get to be close enough to shop in) and got to eat some yummy food. My friend and I even stopped off at a Gelato shop where it took us about 10 minutes to decide which flavor to get. Decisions, decisions!

Friday night 6 of us (plus the wee babe) checked into the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in! I felt like Madeline or like Fancy Nancy...... or J-Lo! It was right downtown so we ate at the restaurant under the hotel (also uber-fancy) and then hoped onto the MAXX that took us to the convention center. That night, Michael McClean put on a concert and we had 2 other speakers. Not my favorite night of speakers but I got some great books that I can not wait to dive into. After the concert we headed back to the hotel and ordered room service in our jammies! Go figure this was the only event I took pictures of.

(We all ordered a desert and then spilt them)

The Saturday session was much better and full of great speakers. I think for me the best part of the trip was all of the gabbing I got to do with such awesome women. Gathering advice and swapping stories. Thanks girls, I really had a fun trip!


mom/Anne said...

Wow Jaime, it sounds like you girls had a super fun time! What a treat!

It's fun to see the pictures you have posted of the kids. They are growing up so fast. And Scott has really put on the weight over his shoulders. You must feed him well. ;)


Nicole said...

Glad you got some "time out" I get to go to the one in Salt Lake next weekend. I can't wait!!

Josh and Jena said...

How fun!! There is a Time out for Women here in SLC in a few days, and Shawni and her mom Linda are going to be there. I wanted to go SOOOO stinking bad, but it just isn't going to happen. Too many commitments on the wrong weekend. Darnit!