Monday, September 26, 2011

Girly Girl Club

Macie is lucky to have so many friends right around her age.

Most of them little girls. A few of my friends thought it would be fun to create a Girly Girl Club where once a month we get them all together and have a party. The parties rotate from house to house each month (their are 12 girls, one for each month) and each party has a different theme.

Their first Girls Club party was this month and it was a Princess Party. What a way to start, the girls loved every bit of it. They had to come dressed up like a Princess so Macie let me curl her hair. This never happens so I jumped at the chance!

Then came time for the pretty dresses.


(Macie getting ready with some of her favorite girls Janie and Jillie)

At the party the girls got to play several games. A dress-up game, a wand and crown making station, cookie decorating station, nail painting, bracelets, and lots of yummy treats.



It was so fun to see her trying to be fancy with all these little girls. Girls are so darn fun and I am glad she gets to have so many others to play princess with.





My month is December and I have a Pajama Party theme! Ideas are swirling, I am eating this up!

Pinterest PARTY!!

Does everyone know about Pinterest by now?

I finally became a huge Pinterest junkie this Summer. I find it so incredibly helpful for so many reasons. The biggest reason is organization of all the things I love and want to make, use, copy, or buy. I have seriously cooked more, dressed cuter and made some super cute things in the last few months because of all the fun things I have pinned.

My sister Julie and I were talking about how fun it is and how we have to continue to justify our time spent on pinning things. I knew I had to start taking more items off of my to do list.

So I had an idea!!!

Wouldn't it be so great if I could get the local Pinterest-ers together and we can bring all the projects we want to work on that we pinned from Pinterest.

A Pinterest Party.

It could even be a quarterly thing. Aaaannnd, we could all bring a dish, or treat that we made from a recipe we pinned.

Sort of a girls night out, being creative, and getting to share what we all love!

So.....I'm doin' it. Who's with me?

Julie and I have been brainstorming ideas and want to host it!

If your in Klamath....GET ON PINTEREST already...shesh!!! Then let me know if you wanna come party it up with us and I'll send you a cute invite with more details.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

this one..

This one has been sick lately.

And when he's sick he wants what he wants, like when he went all day with this travel neck pillow around his neck and would NOT take it off. For anything.

And what happened when mama tried to take it off just for a second so he could eat? A whole lotta sad pouty lip..

And some big tears.

Poor baby Sawyer.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Expressions of Love


I love this, and just wanted to pass it on.

Back to school Spa Day


Before school starts I like to do a fun Spa day to get the kids excited for school and also to make sure they are trimmed up and squeaky clean.

This year Macie got to be a part of the fun.

We did masks, manicures, pedicures, Connor got to "shave", and each one got to have a hot bubble bath with spa jets, and relaxing music.

I may have been just as excited as they were, I'll admit it.


This year Daddy decided that his contribution to the Spa day every year will be to get a fun surprise treat for them at the end.


Pre, First and Third

It's back to school around our house! Last week Ellie started 3rd grade, Connor 1st grade and Macie Pre-school.



It is so nice to be back on a regular schedule and fun for mom getting use to having only ONE at home for 3 hours a day-3 days a week.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

road trip to Cali

My sweet hubby said to me I should go on a little trip by myself (since having the kids for 9 days by myself made me a little loco) and he suggested that I take my sister Lauren who has been visiting with her one year old Oaklen.
And then my Mom decided she wanted to go. And my dad. And I decided that since we were headed to the "resort" that is my Aunt Jan's house....I might just need to take my oldest 2 kids too because they would never leave the pool anyway.

So my little vaca trip, turned out to be filled with lots of family and it was actually way better that way.


I got to have some great talks with my Dad while we drove and learned all about what kind of crops grow in EVERY field on the way to Elk Grove. 5 hours of "Look at that soil! That is fantastic soil." and "Did you all know that is the smallest mountain range in the world?" (we did. he had told us on the last trip) Oh, I love my Dad. He was destined to live out in the middle of nowhere and grow crops and raise cattle.

From the minute we got to Jan and Alan's we were nothing less than spoiled. Alan force fed us homemade guacamole and salsa till we burst.
We got to be lazy and swim, Garrett helped Ellie perfect her dive,

and Lauren and I shopped till we dropped. Seriously, in Davis there is a Forever 21 that is as big as my block. We spent 3 hours in it and I could have stayed a few more. I died.


The last few times I have gone down to CA. Jan and Alan pull out their scuba gear and

I scuba-it-up in their pool. Yep, that is the closest I will ever get to actually scuba choice.

I loved taking a trip with just my big kids this time. May have started a new tradition.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Olsen and Edgar Family Reunion 2011

As soon as Scott got back from Alaska we packed up and headed to the Olsen Family reunion up at Lake of the Woods. We actually split up the cabins with the Edgar's (Pam's sisters family) and we had a blast.

(Macie and Mhaya)
(Connor's talent was sword fighting for the talent show)
All of Scott's family was able to be there except his sister Kim and her family and 3 of our brothers in law. Can I just say that I love being with the Olsen's!
(Matt and Gavin)

They are such a fun group of people. His family is so talented and get the kids to do such cool things when we are together.

(Sweet Sawyer who spent a lot of time in the stroller)

You HAVE to go over HERE to Kara's blog to see the rest of these pictures that Chris took from the reunion. A-mazing!

( This is my ALL time favorite picture of Scott and Bud)
(Uncle Joe, Jillian and Anna)

We spent time on the lake in canoes and swimming. Our friends The Coffmans came up one afternoon and brought their boat, jet ski and tubes.

(Cousins on the tube)

We had a pretty awesome talent show, a big family dance and did a lot of singing. We played horse shoes and did science experiments.

We ate delicious food and roasted Smores every night. Cool Uncle Joe even scared the pants off of my kids with his scary ghost stories. Thanks Joe.

We kissed and loved on the cousins and Aunties that we don't get to see very often and came home dirty and happy!

Can't wait till the next one!