Monday, September 26, 2011

Pinterest PARTY!!

Does everyone know about Pinterest by now?

I finally became a huge Pinterest junkie this Summer. I find it so incredibly helpful for so many reasons. The biggest reason is organization of all the things I love and want to make, use, copy, or buy. I have seriously cooked more, dressed cuter and made some super cute things in the last few months because of all the fun things I have pinned.

My sister Julie and I were talking about how fun it is and how we have to continue to justify our time spent on pinning things. I knew I had to start taking more items off of my to do list.

So I had an idea!!!

Wouldn't it be so great if I could get the local Pinterest-ers together and we can bring all the projects we want to work on that we pinned from Pinterest.

A Pinterest Party.

It could even be a quarterly thing. Aaaannnd, we could all bring a dish, or treat that we made from a recipe we pinned.

Sort of a girls night out, being creative, and getting to share what we all love!

So.....I'm doin' it. Who's with me?

Julie and I have been brainstorming ideas and want to host it!

If your in Klamath....GET ON PINTEREST already...shesh!!! Then let me know if you wanna come party it up with us and I'll send you a cute invite with more details.



Summer said...

How funny, my friends and I are planning a pinterest party for here in UT right now! So fun@

Sara said...

I do I do, but I may get stoned because I don't know how to pin-trest . . .yikes. I'll google it and get to pinning :) but I am always up for a fun girls night, YAY!

mamaappah said...

Sounds like a plan!!! I'm in, would be tons of fun!

Cassi said...

My brain is sooooo fried from school. I decided to take a grading break and tried to figure out my Pinterest account and I think I need a personal tutorial :) I'd love to come to a party but I doubt I'll have time :(

Molly said...

I would love too! Although I have NOOO idea what Pinterest is! Fill me in friend!

Warrior Princess said...

i'm down!!! so would a friend of mine be, since she told me about pinterest! just let me know!