Wednesday, September 7, 2011

road trip to Cali

My sweet hubby said to me I should go on a little trip by myself (since having the kids for 9 days by myself made me a little loco) and he suggested that I take my sister Lauren who has been visiting with her one year old Oaklen.
And then my Mom decided she wanted to go. And my dad. And I decided that since we were headed to the "resort" that is my Aunt Jan's house....I might just need to take my oldest 2 kids too because they would never leave the pool anyway.

So my little vaca trip, turned out to be filled with lots of family and it was actually way better that way.


I got to have some great talks with my Dad while we drove and learned all about what kind of crops grow in EVERY field on the way to Elk Grove. 5 hours of "Look at that soil! That is fantastic soil." and "Did you all know that is the smallest mountain range in the world?" (we did. he had told us on the last trip) Oh, I love my Dad. He was destined to live out in the middle of nowhere and grow crops and raise cattle.

From the minute we got to Jan and Alan's we were nothing less than spoiled. Alan force fed us homemade guacamole and salsa till we burst.
We got to be lazy and swim, Garrett helped Ellie perfect her dive,

and Lauren and I shopped till we dropped. Seriously, in Davis there is a Forever 21 that is as big as my block. We spent 3 hours in it and I could have stayed a few more. I died.


The last few times I have gone down to CA. Jan and Alan pull out their scuba gear and

I scuba-it-up in their pool. Yep, that is the closest I will ever get to actually scuba choice.

I loved taking a trip with just my big kids this time. May have started a new tradition.


Brooke Smith said...

Wow, those underwater pictures are awesome! Looks like you had a great vacation!!

Whitney said...

So, I totally have that swimsuit top from Lime Ricki. One of my faves this summer. I love the stripes, and the flower.

Emily K. said...

The above comment was from me. My computer fried, so, I use hers. Sorry.

Amber said...

Loved everything about this post (especially the part about your dad and the crops and soil, hahahaa), except I was bummed to not be able to see you all while I was in KF (or for that matter, you and Kara while we were all up at Lake of the Woods). Such is life I guess...

Aunt Patty said...

wish you would have called told us you would be there! Pat and I would have loved to see your dad and Lauren with little Oaklen!!