Monday, May 13, 2013

Siemers Wedding and a Birthday getaway!!

Scott and I have been friends with Jason and Rachel Siemers since we were all newlyweds. We lived in the same building and our front doors actually faced each other. We had babies at the same time, had FHE together, late night girls talks, and we even got to know their extended family. Our little families grew so close. Over the years we have moved apart but have kept in touch and even made it a plan to see each other every year. And we have.
When we found out that Jason's brother was marring Carolyn Bridwell (a fabulous girl I know) we were beyond thrilled and headed out to their wedding in Etna California at the end of April.

Matt and Carolyn were married in the Medford LDS temple the day before and held a ring ceremony and a reception in the most beautiful outdoor area I have ever seen!!
We loved seeing Jason and Rachel and their beautiful family and we even got to see another couple, Josh and Jenny Hiett, who were in our FHE group with us all those years ago!

Such a great reunion. I love these girls!!
A few weeks before I thought that while we were out that way we should make a weekend of it for Scotts Birthday. We drove from Etna to Redding and I surprised Scott with some fun things I already had planned.
We went to Turtle Bay and got to see so much more than we ever do when we go with our kids. We ate a the famous Mary's Pizza and got the most amazing Bruschetta I have EVER eaten.
We went to the movies and Scott got to eat at his favorite restaurant. Also, don't judge me, I reserved a time for Scott and I to go on a guided Segway Tour around Turtle Bay, the beautiful McConnell Arboretum and the Sundial Bridge.
And as nerdy as we look we actually had a lot of fun.
Great weekend. Love my Hubby!

football and soccer

Connor and Macie tried out new sports this year.
 We put Connor in Flag Football and Macie in Soccer.
 Both had a great time but neither of them are very competitive. I think they liked being with friends more than actually playing. I think we will stick to basketball for Connor and Macie would be happy running and skipping in a field...and that's free.