Sunday, November 29, 2009


Our bishop asked Ellie last week if she would sing a song in Sacrament Meeting with her dad this week. If you spend much time with Ellie you know that she is singing about 80% of the day. She loves to sing.....singing in front of alot of people looking right at her.....not so much!
So at first Ellie lost it and said there was no way she could do it. But when Scott said she could pick her own song and we all practiced it together as a family for a few days, (and grandma promised to take her to Dairy Queen), then she was all for it! She practiced everyday over and over but honestly I didn't know if when the piano actually started she would sing or not because the first part she was singing a solo.
Today was the day and the piano started, and she did Awesome!!! Scott said she was so nervous and for the first 4 words or so you could tell, but she was brave and sounded beautiful.
A big thanks to everyone who came to our ward to see her sing, she was thrilled to see you all!

Boo-Hoo baby

Our Thanksgiving break was so great! We spent it with family and great friends and more amazing food than we could ever eat. I got to spend some time just relaxing and I also got to watch some good movies and shows, which (because of the crazy preggo hormones) I pretty much cried at everything I watched.
I saw this movie...The Blind Side. GREAT movie. Sandra does such a good job and so do all the other actors. Yep, bawled like a baby throughout the movie!
Ok and did anyone else see this show?

I don't think I have ever been more emotional over any other TV show. Wow. The host was adopted too and when he talks to the people he is reuniting he just can't take it and starts crying, and he is this big, strong is adorable!

I suggest you see both!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wanna play?

Yes folks, it is that time again...time to play:

Now, I totally understand my 2 year old but realize that only 10% of the other people around us have NO idea what she is saying. We're working on it!
Let's see if you can figure out what she's saying:

1. Issa na wookie
2. eye holit
3. Mommy wook, eye fyne-a-boll
4. puet bac
5. Yeay, esmy poptart hajamis
6. Watuant.. Wucee
7. Connor, heew esyour fod an your dwink, sidown
8. Puu dinare

Give up??

1. It's not working
2. I hold it?
3. Mommy look, I find a ball
4. Put it back
5. Yea, it's my pop tart pajamas.
( I should mention that Macie calls hearts, Pop Tarts)
6. What do you want...Lucie
(our dog)
7. Connor, here is your food and your drink, sit down!
8. Put it in there

Thursday, November 12, 2009


06. 10. 10

Isn't it a rule?

When you wake up in the morning to falling snow...
Isn't is just the rule that you HAVE to have hot cocoa with breakfast?
And if your have to put on all your winter clothes to drink it. Or if your Macie and have to always be half naked!
Either way, YUMM!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pictures and a little bit of Sass

Julie and I took some great pictures of the kids for my moms birthday. Thanks heavens for crazy silly Uncle Jeremy that made 6 kids all laugh at the same time!The girls....workin' it.
And as for the Sass, little miss Macie has busted out her terrible 2 fits lately. She is a stinker sometimes, and man can she hold her own. The tittles she has been given lately (by total strangers... I might add) are "little spitfire", "spunkie" and "little miss attitude".
Yep, it's been fun!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


For the amount of dressing up and undressing and re-dressing up we did this past week, you'd think we would have taken more and better pictures. Our week was CRAZY!!

We had more trick-or-treating, school parties, church parties and friends parties this year than we have ever had before....we will have candy till next Halloween for sure.

Our girls were witches and Connor was a grandpa. This was our first year living in our neighborhood and I would bet it is the hottest spot for trick or treating in our whole town. Wow. We underestimated the amount of kids that came a -knocking for treats. But I really think that the best part about where we live is how our neighbors are so into decorations. The house across the street could have charged admission. I have never seen more people pour into one yard.

I snapped a few pictures of their graveyard and house. They had smoke machines so everything was creepy and the lighting could not have been better.

Oh, yea and a big thumbs up to the weather. None of the kids in our group needed coats, it was perfect.