Sunday, November 1, 2009


For the amount of dressing up and undressing and re-dressing up we did this past week, you'd think we would have taken more and better pictures. Our week was CRAZY!!

We had more trick-or-treating, school parties, church parties and friends parties this year than we have ever had before....we will have candy till next Halloween for sure.

Our girls were witches and Connor was a grandpa. This was our first year living in our neighborhood and I would bet it is the hottest spot for trick or treating in our whole town. Wow. We underestimated the amount of kids that came a -knocking for treats. But I really think that the best part about where we live is how our neighbors are so into decorations. The house across the street could have charged admission. I have never seen more people pour into one yard.

I snapped a few pictures of their graveyard and house. They had smoke machines so everything was creepy and the lighting could not have been better.

Oh, yea and a big thumbs up to the weather. None of the kids in our group needed coats, it was perfect.


Auntie Patty said...

pic's are great jaime! look's like the kids had a blast! Love this time of year! love ya

SuzyQ said...

Jason would love living next to your neighbors....he keeps saying that he is going to do that in our yard one of these years.... Your kids looked adorable for Halloween. I am glad you had such awesome weather!

Rachel Garcia said...

I missed seeing you at the ward party though!!!