Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wanna play?

Yes folks, it is that time again...time to play:

Now, I totally understand my 2 year old but realize that only 10% of the other people around us have NO idea what she is saying. We're working on it!
Let's see if you can figure out what she's saying:

1. Issa na wookie
2. eye holit
3. Mommy wook, eye fyne-a-boll
4. puet bac
5. Yeay, esmy poptart hajamis
6. Watuant.. Wucee
7. Connor, heew esyour fod an your dwink, sidown
8. Puu dinare

Give up??

1. It's not working
2. I hold it?
3. Mommy look, I find a ball
4. Put it back
5. Yea, it's my pop tart pajamas.
( I should mention that Macie calls hearts, Pop Tarts)
6. What do you want...Lucie
(our dog)
7. Connor, here is your food and your drink, sit down!
8. Put it in there


Sara said...

So Funny! Janie speaks the same language, but half the time even I can't figure out what she is saying, it takes some talent to decipher two year old :)

Boyters said...

Hey....i got most of them correct...I am either really good at the game...or I speak jibberish too because of my 4 kids

Anonymous said...

I got almost 9 out of 10!! I don't know why anyone has a hard time understanding her! She is such a cutie!!!!

Auntie Jan said...

What's with poptart pajamas???

(That's me above)

The Deans said...

Haha that is so cute!!!

CONGRATS on the new baby! 4 kids that is awesome!

Liz  said...

Love it! My girls are the same way, I am always translating for them!