Friday, June 29, 2012

Connor at 7

Today is Connor's 7th Birthday!
My first baby boy. Wow, I really had no idea what to do with a boy when we first had him.

I had had no experience with any boys. Neither Scott
or I had brothers at all and our world had been so girly up until Connor.

He has been nothing but awesome! We love this sweet boy so much.

Despite a girly mom and sisters, Connor is all boy.

No matter where we are or who we are with, at the end of the day Connor ends up getting the dirtiest.

If there is one small hidden puddle of mud...Connor will find it. And roll in it. And probably lick it.
He loves Leggo's, collecting trinkets from garage sales and Super Hero's (especially The Hulk).

He is still our best eater and never seems to get full. Connor loves seafood, any kind of meat and a lot of it, and will try almost everything. Last night for dinner Scott made him spring rolls (aka "Chinese burritos") and he downed 3 huge ones with room for more.
He has the best laugh ever and loves to learn. He is excited for 2nd grade next year and getting to play with his friends.

We are just smitten with this handsome boy in every way.
 Happy Birthday buddy! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

fruits and veggies

A few weeks ago we finally planted in our garden.

We turned it into our Family Home Evening night and got down and dirty.

We planted fun new things for us this year, we are trying out watermellon, onions and cantalope. Also new this year is the one I picked....trying out cilantro.
The kids got to pick out their own favorite item in the garden and plant it. They are in charge of their own plant.

They have to water it, and keep it free of bugs and weeds. And if it dosn't make it due to lack of care, then they loose their plant and it's harvest. So far so good.

We are going to have an abundance of peas and tomatoes is my guess!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Today 5 years ago little Macie Lyn was born.

She had extremely long skinny feet that the nurses kept commenting on and on one foot 2 of her toes are longer than they are on the other foot...and she still has those feet today.

 She had much lighter hair than my first 2 had and much more of it than anyone else.

She has always been smiley and happy and loves to cuddle up.

She is not shy. At all! She is the first to walk up to someone her age and say Hi I'm Macie can I play with you.

 Macie is Super lean, she eats like a bird.

She is our little gymnast. She loves to climb and swing and twirl on anything.
Macie is very confident and says it how it is. I love her honesty.

She is still obsessed with horses, cowboys in hats, and getting herself dressed in all things of one color. (blue shirt, blue undies, blue shorts, blue hat socks and gloves. All at the same time)

We just enjoy her so much. On one hand she is so dainty and sweet and on the other she is a sassy spitfire.
Either way she makes this family all the better and we love her to pieces.

Happy Birthday to our baby girl. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day!!

We love you so much!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

preschool grad

Last week our little Miss Macie graduated from preschool.
Her cousin Kelson was in the same class as her this year and she loved everyday.

 She especially loved her teacher Mrs. Shalynn.
She wanted to wear her pretty pink dress and she asked if I could make her hair look like the flowers on her dress...??....this is what I made do.
She was excited to wear her gown and didn't want to take the cap off all day.
 She looked so cute.
We are all so proud of her. She is SUPER excited about Kindergarten at "the big school".

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Elise McKenna

Our beautiful Ellie is 9 years old today. She is such a grown up young woman.
We love her so much.
Ellie is a huge help to me with her brothers and sister.
She still loves to sing and sometimes has full conversations with her Dad in the form of a song...kinda like a musical....all about her day, or what she wants to eat for dinner. She loves animals, macaroni and cheese, and she could read 12 hours a day if we let her.
Ellie is very strong willed, sensitive, and caring. She hates to see kids being left out. This girl is still the definition of dramatic. We are always trying to channel all of the drama into other activities and projects.
Ellie is amazing. I love her for making me work harder, love her for her strength and her personality and I love that she made me a mother.
Happy Birthday Ellie Belly.