Saturday, June 2, 2012

Elise McKenna

Our beautiful Ellie is 9 years old today. She is such a grown up young woman.
We love her so much.
Ellie is a huge help to me with her brothers and sister.
She still loves to sing and sometimes has full conversations with her Dad in the form of a song...kinda like a musical....all about her day, or what she wants to eat for dinner. She loves animals, macaroni and cheese, and she could read 12 hours a day if we let her.
Ellie is very strong willed, sensitive, and caring. She hates to see kids being left out. This girl is still the definition of dramatic. We are always trying to channel all of the drama into other activities and projects.
Ellie is amazing. I love her for making me work harder, love her for her strength and her personality and I love that she made me a mother.
Happy Birthday Ellie Belly.


Kara said...

We love you Ellie!

Amber said...

I remember when she was born and holding her when she was just a little teeny baby. I can't believe she's 9 already!

GiGi said...

Love you to my #1 greatgranddaughter!!!