Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Today 5 years ago little Macie Lyn was born.

She had extremely long skinny feet that the nurses kept commenting on and on one foot 2 of her toes are longer than they are on the other foot...and she still has those feet today.

 She had much lighter hair than my first 2 had and much more of it than anyone else.

She has always been smiley and happy and loves to cuddle up.

She is not shy. At all! She is the first to walk up to someone her age and say Hi I'm Macie can I play with you.

 Macie is Super lean, she eats like a bird.

She is our little gymnast. She loves to climb and swing and twirl on anything.
Macie is very confident and says it how it is. I love her honesty.

She is still obsessed with horses, cowboys in hats, and getting herself dressed in all things of one color. (blue shirt, blue undies, blue shorts, blue hat socks and gloves. All at the same time)

We just enjoy her so much. On one hand she is so dainty and sweet and on the other she is a sassy spitfire.
Either way she makes this family all the better and we love her to pieces.

Happy Birthday to our baby girl. 


GiGi said...

Another Ralph Lauren model in the making - simply beautiful girl!


Auntie Jan & Uncle Allen said...

Happy Birthday Macie!!!!! What a cutie!!!! And I'm glad she sometimes keeps her clothes on now!!!!!!!! What a big girl!!

Aunt Patty said...

What a pretty little girl!!! Man are they all growing up.........way too fast!!!