Sunday, August 30, 2009

Look out 1st Grade....

.....Here she comes! Ellie is so darn excited to start first grade. She is in a new school this year so a little nervous, but we had our "night before school spa" ritual and now she is ready!

We spoiled her with a pink bath and lots of bubbles (she requested that there be candles and music playing)

Then we gave her a facial... which she did NOT like because she said it was disgusting.

After the face goop was quickly washed off she got a manicure and picked out her first day outfit.
Ellie asked for a fathers blessing, that she would do good in school and make lots of friends.
I am gonna miss this little Princess all day.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

the food lady

For as long as I can remember their has been a woman in Klamath who sells food at AMAZING prices from her garage. Sounds sketchy I know.....but she gets all of the food from California once or twice a week from trucks that overturn or get in accidents or from Stores that are doing closeouts. All of the food is sealed and packaged and not past expiration dates so we go every time she is open.
This is what we got this week for only $40.00!! My favorite item- huge boxes of Wheat Thins for $1.00.
If anyone wants me to put you on my phone tree list for the food lady let me know!!

"Man" crafts!

Scott always makes fun of me for loving to sew and create things because he doesn't think it would be fun at all. But, last week I caught him being a Man crafter! Yea he secretly likes to be crafty too!

He built the kids a playhouse that started like this:
and 3 days later looked like this:

I am so excited to "girlie" it up and put flower boxes in and curtains and paint! The kids LOVE it and are in it first thing every morning.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

coming to an end.

It is always so sad to know you are in the final days of Summer. I think of all the things I am going to miss and wish I could have them just a little longer.

Farmers markets full of fresh fruit and veggies, my weekend outings for Garage Sales and great Estate sale finds, the sound and smell of grass being mowed, growing flowers, soaked beach towels hanging in my bathroom to dry, and kiddo's with sweet little brown skinned backs and white bottoms.

We have had such an amazing summer.... but fall is just around the corner and it has it's many joys as well. Just not quite ready to send my husband back to work and Ellie and Connor to school. And definitely not ready for the cold yet!!!

Discovery Museum Science & Space Center

Ellie playing doctor with Dad.
Putting on a play in the Funny Bones Theater.

Macie spent most of her time in the 50's Diner. It had the cutest miniature booths to sit in. She wanted to serve EVERYONE.

Yes, this is real. A real live gigantic toad. The slimiest thing I have ever seen.

Monday, August 17, 2009

SUPER giveaway!

So it is finally here! Come check it out!
Dress-up Drawer SUPER giveaways

Saturday, August 15, 2009

catch up

I decided I needed post the rest of our Vacation before my giveaway starts, so get ready for a thousand pictures!! A few days before our Mortenson family reunion my family went up to Bear Lake to relax at the Gerber's cabin. (Thanks so much Strat) It was on such a cool part of the beach and one morning we woke up and saw para gliders literally taking off and landing in front of the cabin.

We played in the sand,
Went sailing,Made sand turtles,
and roasted these MEGA HUGE marshmallows that my Dad brought back from Mexico. That is only 1 marshmallow in Straton's mouth!My Dad, Straton and my kids did a lot of THIS:

And my mom did a lot of THIS:

...but you have to give it to her for trying!! love ya mom
Fun, Fun, Fun and very relaxing!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jacob Lover! could you not be one after seeing this trailer???

Monday, August 10, 2009

Somebody's Eggo is Preggo!!

Wanna know who?????................................

Hers is.

Congratulations Straton and Lauren on your little Gerber baby!!

Another one...

Sorry, I just love these. Someone please do this with me...somewhere!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Trekie wanna-be

My Grandma's Stake is so awesome. While we were in Sacramento they went on their second Stake Pioneer Trek. They had their first back in 2005. These treks are nothing little. They are for anyone in the Stake, ages 12-100, and they are 4 days and 27 miles long. With handcarts and some horses, everyone in authentic Pioneer dress and everyone is split up into families, actual families that came across the plains. Along the way they get to hear talks from Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, the women are split up from the men and have to push the handcarts without them when the Mormon Battalion takes the solders away. They all circle the wagons at night and sing Pioneer songs and tell stories. Along the way they are helped by "angels" and even have to bury a pretend infant that didn't make the trip. It is such a wonderful thing they get to experience, especially the youth. They filmed the first one and made it into a DVD for all who went, but I got my Grandma to snag me one so I can show it to someone in our Stake at home.
Anyway, the Primary kids don't get to actually go on the Trek so a few days before they all get to participate in the preparation fun...and my kids were lucky to be able to attend.
They all sat and listened to some Pioneer stories.

Then the youth came and took a specific group of kids that were in their families. We went outside and the boys made pinwheels while the girls made these cute pioneer dolls.

They played a pioneer balance game and learned a fun dance.
I was so excited for my kids to get to be a part of such a learning experience about their
ancestors. We can't thank you enough GiGi, sign us up for the next trek!!


Turtle bay has an amazing Lego exhibit. These are just some of our favorites.
(Max we thought of you the whole time!!)