Saturday, August 15, 2009

catch up

I decided I needed post the rest of our Vacation before my giveaway starts, so get ready for a thousand pictures!! A few days before our Mortenson family reunion my family went up to Bear Lake to relax at the Gerber's cabin. (Thanks so much Strat) It was on such a cool part of the beach and one morning we woke up and saw para gliders literally taking off and landing in front of the cabin.

We played in the sand,
Went sailing,Made sand turtles,
and roasted these MEGA HUGE marshmallows that my Dad brought back from Mexico. That is only 1 marshmallow in Straton's mouth!My Dad, Straton and my kids did a lot of THIS:

And my mom did a lot of THIS:

...but you have to give it to her for trying!! love ya mom
Fun, Fun, Fun and very relaxing!


Auntie Patty said...

great pics............omg, is that my poor sister that fell down?? Looks like too much fun Jaime!!

Liz  said...

What a fun vacation! I have been looking at your other fun craft blog... I wish we lived next to each other, we could craft ALL day:)!
We should plan a college roommate reunion one day, I would love to see You guys again!

Auntie Jan/Uncle Allen said...

I want to blow up that picture of your mom!!! She is just not that athletic...poor thing. What a fun summer your kids had!!! They are sooo lucky! XXXOOO

Molly said...

Sounds like you guys have really been having a great summer!

SuzyQ said...

I want those marshmallows! Where did your dad get them?? It was so fun to see you guys while you were here!

the shiz said...

...sausage toes :)