Monday, August 17, 2009

SUPER giveaway!

So it is finally here! Come check it out!
Dress-up Drawer SUPER giveaways


The Deans said...

I don't know how you do all this stuff and still take care of three kids!!

I looked at the giveaway and there are some CUTE things!

SuzyQ said...

Totally loving your Super Giveaway Week. Jason totally makes fun of me because I am spending so much time on the Internet this week looking at all of your giveaway blogs and etsy shops... ;-) What an awesome idea! I am so glad you did this has introduced me to some very fun shops! I hope you are making it through the week. I don't know how you do it...but it has been fun for all of us participating! THANKS!!! ;-)

meg baker said...

I haven't had a chance to check blogs in the longest time. Your kids are getting so big. We are hoping to make it to Klamath soon. Can't wait to see you!