Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Weenie Houdini!!

So, I was about to put out a challenge to all, asking for help to think up an outfit that could outwit my son. You see, (as I am sure all little boys do), he loves to dig around in his diaper both day and night. So you can understand the problem at night when his "parts" were pulled out of his diaper and left to spray all over as he slept. We tried many crazy an outfit that ultimately ended in failer He can get into anything. But the other day Scott found the solution and here it is...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby Blessings

Macie was blessed on September 2nd by her Daddy. On the same day her new cousin Kelson Macdonald was blessed too. Macie was blessed in the same dress as her big sister, and her mommy as well as her Aunts Julie and Lauren and her 2 cousins Brynlie and Kira. All of our names are embroidered into the dress. They looked so cute all in white.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

100 years later!!!

OK so our old blog spot had a little difficulty and so I have created a new one, promising myself that I will be better at updating it and putting more pictures on. Let me catch you all up. Since the last time I wrote in our blog Ellie has turned 4 and is so sad that she can't go to school with her Dad every morning. Connor is now 2 and boy is he 2. He is into more things in a 5 min. span than any kid I know. Macie is our newest. She was born June 20th of this year and she is the happiest baby I have had yet. We are very lucky. Scott finished 2 years teaching out in Chiloquin and is now into his first year at Klamath Union High School. In town. Five minutes away!! I am in Primary still and loving every minute of it! Here are some quick update pictures. I promise I will put on more!