Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break~ (in snapshots)

Where in the world have the Olsen's been??
We had a BUSY spring break. We were in 4 different states within a week! We had so much fun and took Way to many pictures so I narrowed it down to the big highlights.
First, we headed to Logan to see this new little guy. We got to go to his blessing and get in a lot of cuddling.
We took our kids, (and Nana and Grandma) to see a fantastic play. We went to this fun place that is in a huge barn and usually has dutch oven dinners and then a play in the summer. It was Connors first "real" play experience.

We stayed in some awesome hotels and did a lot of SWIMMING!!

We visited our best friends in the whole wide world in Washington. We even got to visit with my friend Shelbi and her boys who we haven't seen in years.

While we were close to Portland, we had to stop at OMSI.

Then it was off to Eugene to visit with a whole bunch of Olsen cousins. We even got to see Greg and Niki and their fun family who came from Idaho. The kids played outside everyday and went on walks, and made art projects. And of course... lots of dress-up's.

We went up to Aunt Kara's new house in Corvallis and got to take the kids to such a fun place. Corvallis is very beautiful and has so much for kids to do, this was one of my kids favorite stops.

They could have spent hours collecting these caterpillars.

Needless to say, we had a blast! But as always, it is good to be home!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Run for the Music 2010

Connor and Macie ran the mile for KU's Run for the Music this year. Well Connor ran it, Macie rode on Daddy's shoulders for most of it but they both finished!

Ellie opted out this time and came with me to our Primary activity
This is the two of them before the race.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nearing the end...

Last week I hit 28 weeks, which in preggo talk put's me in the 3rd trimester.
Almost Done!!!
I am to that point that I feel like my skin isn't gonna stretch any more and I have a soccer game going on in my uterus! I am getting all the clothes washed, and baby stuff back out of storage.
It has been so fun to see all of the clothes that Connor wore and be reminded of just how little they really are in the beginning.
Here are some signs that make me want to be done a little faster:
~ When my kids poke me in the belly and say, " Mommy you really have a fat tummy, will it ever go away?"
~When standing in line at the store and looking at the items they line the checkout with to entice you to buy as you are leaving, and a man looks at me with a smile and a creepy head nod and says, "I guess you won't be needing one of these..." (whilst pointing to a pregnancy test) "Wink, Wink"
~When your double chin is sprouting an identical twin.
~When the head track coach at the local High School lovingly renames a drill in track practice (that was once called the pregnant lady)... "The Olsen"

Monday, March 8, 2010

losing it a little...

I debated about whether or not to even post this but I have some crazy preggo hormones taking over and my emotions are SO out of control.
My husband! Boy, do I love him. My husband who could care less if I painted the walls orange, a man who has zero opinion on any hairstyle I choose, or clothes I pick out for him to wear. A man who is such a push over and who is so easy going and layed back......... yes this man.... refuses to budge on the name that I LOVE for this new baby boy!!!
I am losing my mind!
I need this baby to have a name already. I KNEW Ellie was an Elise, I KNEW Connor was a Connor, and I KNEW Macie was a Macie.
I have liked the name Sawyer for 3 years now (I am sure I have told all of you that are local about how much I love this name) and have become so attached that I am having such a hard time thinking this baby is probably gonna have to go by another name.
Most of the women that I have run this name by like it, and so far it's about 50% of the men that don't.
What is it about this name that guys don't like?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Modest Dress Giveaway!!

Just a heads up to all you ladies out there!!
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I just put the post up and it isn't suppose to be up until tomorrow, so you get a sneak peak.
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

spring fever

We are taking advantage of every sliver of sunshine that we can!! Spring can not come fast enough.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Secret Trip (day two)

Scott had arranged for us all to meet up with my Aunt and Uncle (who we haven't seen since our wedding almost 10 years ago).
We took 2 of my Aunt's with us and headed down to San Fransisco!!!
The trip was AMAZING, I think San Fransisco is one of my favorite cities...but the beginning of the trip was a little rocky. Yep, we were robbed in the first 10 minutes of our arrival in the beautiful city. We pulled into a parking lot and were waved over to a spot by an attendant. Payed $20.00 got a ticket and then started getting the kids out of the car. A woman came up to us and said "Did you pay that man, cause he is running away across the street!" JERK! So went up to pay for an actual ticket and this is what we saw...
Do you see that man's picture? And the 10 signs that say not to pay him! Wow!
Anyway, the rest of the trip was pure fun. We went down Pier 39.
Rode on a 2 story merry go round.
Checked out the great shopping.
And stopped to see some magic (Connor's favorite part)
Then we headed to meet up with my Uncle Mike at the Rain forest Cafe. Another favorite, we could have spent hours just looking around. The kids were so spoiled, Auntie Patty got them Rain forest T-shirts and Auntie Terri brought them all cute bags filled with toys and treats.
Then we all walked down by warf and waited in line to get on the famous cable cars. The sun came out and warmed us all up. We could see Alcatraz (I have no idea how to spell that) and the Golden Gate bridge.
The cable cars were SO much fun. Scott loved hanging out of the side holding onto the rail. We rode them down into China Town and we picked the best day because it was Chinese New Year and we saw parade floats, hundreds of shops set up in the streets, and thousands of people. Uncle Mike bought the biggest popper firecrackers Ever. They sounded like a gunshot when you threw them on the ground. He was making us all laugh as he tossed them at unsuspecting groups of people as we rode past them in the trolley. It was so fun.
After all of the excitement, Grandma Jan got us all ice cream for the cable car ride back. We had such an awesome vacation and I am so thankful for my family and my thoughtful husband who knows when I need a break from K Falls!!
I love you Scott!

Secret Trip (day one)

Last week Scott told me to pack bags for the weekend and that we were taking a family trip. Scott loves to surprise me and I love it too, but when it comes to taking kids..he knows how I am a crazy list maker/ planner so he told me where we were headed the night before the trip.
So we decided to keep it a secret from the kids. Boy were they excited to wake up at Grandma Jan's house in California.
Staying here is always like staying in a Resort bed and breakfast. We are always spoiled with homemade gourmet food by Chef Allen. And even though the pool was freezing that did not stop my kids from jumping in.(Waving at the gorilla's) We went to the Zoo with Uncle Garrett and then to Chucky Cheese for lunch. (A first for my kids and Scott)(Ellie being shown how long a giraffe's tongue is)
We spent time with GiGi and relaxed with the family. Then got lots of sleep for our next days adventure.