Monday, March 1, 2010

Secret Trip (day one)

Last week Scott told me to pack bags for the weekend and that we were taking a family trip. Scott loves to surprise me and I love it too, but when it comes to taking kids..he knows how I am a crazy list maker/ planner so he told me where we were headed the night before the trip.
So we decided to keep it a secret from the kids. Boy were they excited to wake up at Grandma Jan's house in California.
Staying here is always like staying in a Resort bed and breakfast. We are always spoiled with homemade gourmet food by Chef Allen. And even though the pool was freezing that did not stop my kids from jumping in.(Waving at the gorilla's) We went to the Zoo with Uncle Garrett and then to Chucky Cheese for lunch. (A first for my kids and Scott)(Ellie being shown how long a giraffe's tongue is)
We spent time with GiGi and relaxed with the family. Then got lots of sleep for our next days adventure.

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Kara said...

How fun. Scott's face is priceless in that first picture. I know that face well.