Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break~ (in snapshots)

Where in the world have the Olsen's been??
We had a BUSY spring break. We were in 4 different states within a week! We had so much fun and took Way to many pictures so I narrowed it down to the big highlights.
First, we headed to Logan to see this new little guy. We got to go to his blessing and get in a lot of cuddling.
We took our kids, (and Nana and Grandma) to see a fantastic play. We went to this fun place that is in a huge barn and usually has dutch oven dinners and then a play in the summer. It was Connors first "real" play experience.

We stayed in some awesome hotels and did a lot of SWIMMING!!

We visited our best friends in the whole wide world in Washington. We even got to visit with my friend Shelbi and her boys who we haven't seen in years.

While we were close to Portland, we had to stop at OMSI.

Then it was off to Eugene to visit with a whole bunch of Olsen cousins. We even got to see Greg and Niki and their fun family who came from Idaho. The kids played outside everyday and went on walks, and made art projects. And of course... lots of dress-up's.

We went up to Aunt Kara's new house in Corvallis and got to take the kids to such a fun place. Corvallis is very beautiful and has so much for kids to do, this was one of my kids favorite stops.

They could have spent hours collecting these caterpillars.

Needless to say, we had a blast! But as always, it is good to be home!



Rachel Garcia said...

AMEN to being HOME!! There is no place like it!!

Kara said...

So good to see you guys!!! We need to come stay at your house some time!! Oh, and how do you make the cute snapshot effect?

Auntie Patty said...

Home sweet home! You and Scott do so many fun things with the are both great parents and it shows!! love you

Autie Jan said...

Whew!!!!! I'm exhausted!! What a fun trip!!!! XXOO

Mom said...

Love your header!!

GiGi said...

Can't wait to see your June header! Thanks for sharing your vacation pics.

Boyters said...

that is so funny we were supposed to be heading out to Corvallis next weekend to see family.