Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mother Daughter weekend

Last weekend I took the girls on a very spur of the moment trip to Bend. I have 2 friends up there right now and they wanted us to come visit. So we packed up and headed off.
 We got to go shopping, ate some fabulous food (plus the best cheese cake EVER...thanks Chad) and had all sorts of fun with our friends.
We finally got to try out the High Desert Museum that we pass every time we take that drive. It was awesome. We could have spent all day there and I am pretty sure we were the last ones to leave.
Ready to start our tour

Ellie and Bekah

Learning about the Native American culture.

This tour guide guy was so nice. He answered all of the kids questions and was very patient with our big group.

In the Asian market.

End of the tour.

These next pictures are in the Smokey the Bear kids area. It was so cute.
Here are the big girls putting on a show.

I got a ton of pictures of Macie on this trip because since I didn't have Sawyer she was my youngest and stuck with me. Here she is rock climbing with Christopher.

The coolest veggie garden ever!

Macie and Topher fishin'

Sweet little Porter...who I dare say became my little pal this trip. He loves me.
.This kids room had so many fun stations.

This picture makes me laugh because if you will notice Kit is shoeless. It was awesome! Long story short, she forgot to put on shoes and didn't notice till she got there. That really happened. I can't make this stuff up.
The kids loved the otter exhibit. It kept swimming up fast to the glass and then "kissing" them.
Macie and her buddy Rhoda with the horsies.

A big thank you to Tiffany and Kit and your families.
We had a blast! Your the best.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

He's 2!

Two years ago today we welcomed this sweet baby boy as the caboose of our family.
From day one he has been an easy going and pleasant boy, doted on by his older brother and sisters.
 Sawyer is so funny and loving. I can't even explain how happy he makes us all.
Right now he's such a little talker. He loves to introduce himself to EVERYONE and show them any and every "owie" he might have at the time. Sawyer still doesn't love bread, eggs or noodles but will eat everything else. Walks, animals, Mickey Mouse and school buses are his all time favorite things. He is a good sharer, quick to say he is sorry and still cuddles like no body's business. He has been our sickest baby by far, but seems to be on the up and up.
I know the time is coming when we are going to have to cut those blond locks and as much as that makes me want to cry I know he's not my little tiny toddler anymore.
Last week we took him out of his high chair and set up a new table booster seat for him. We all sat down for dinner and before the prayer Scott and I just looked at each other and smiled because all 6 seats at our table were filled with our own little family. It took my breath away.
Happy Birthday to my baby!
We are sure looking forward to all the next stages with our little Sawyer.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Our kids come from a long line of teachers. On both sides. Their Dad, their Grandpa's, Aunt's, Uncles, and Great Grandpa's. We know that the job of a teacher is very much under appreciated and under paid!
This past week was teacher appreciation week and I always try to get something made for each of my kids teachers because we love them so much.
This year we made these super fun giant pencils filled with yummy treats and candy for each teacher.
 (It wasn't until after Macie gave this one to her teacher that I realized I left an N off of the end of her name. Oops!)
They were so fun to make and deliver, all the kids in the classes thought they were so cool. The kids have had such a great year and learned so much.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Rewind

Spring is always a fun new change. The sight at the end of the tunnel for the school year, green grass and blossoms, using the grill for the first time in months, and warm play dates with friends.

Our April has been a busy one. Easter was just wonderful and General Conference was even better.
We were able to visit with old friends to kick off  the beginning of the month which was great. 
Then track season and Young Women's has filled up our calendars nice and full.
Luckily, we have had some beautiful weather and have taken full advantage of it.

On the rainy days we have had to make due and play a LOT of dress-up and take funny face self pictures.
To my surprise, I have read 2 books in the last 3 weeks.
This. Never. Happens!!
I read Bossypants by funny lady Tina Fey (laughed my rear off)

and Heaven is Here by blogger Stephanie Nielson. (Cried my eyes out)

While I loved both books and they each proclaimed how much they love being a mother, the two could not have been more different. I truly did take away ideas and values from them both and they have sparked new creativity for creating a stronger bond with my family.
 I am now on the look out for my next book read and need some suggestions.
Also, I found this quote and printed it out to put where I will see it every day...