Sunday, November 21, 2010

cousins in corvallis

We were able to be in Corvallis for Sofia's birthday again this year and we got to visit with lots of family.
Again I was blown away by the yummy food, my sisters in law make the BEST meals. So Jealous.

Some of the cousins playing in the leaves, it was so beautiful there.

This for sure is one of the scariest pictures of me but I am putting it in because besides some quick snapshots it is the first and only family picture we have had taken in 3 years.

This little Relia... her dimples alone (which I just realized you can't see in this pic.) make you want to smooch those cheeks.

Grandpa Bud and Sawyer.

I love when my kids get to visit more of our family and wish we lived closer to all the rest!


GiGi said...

Great pics - especially like the picture of Sawyer with Grandpa Bud.

Kara said...

You are crazy in the head You look great in that picture!! Thanks for stopping by for the fiesta? How did Scotties' Cafe Rio turn out?