Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy bird day!

Our Thanksgiving was truly a "bird day" this year. I have never been a huge fan..strike that.. I have never been a fan at all of bird watching, but I gave in to my sweet husband and our whole family woke up Thanksgiving morning and piled into Daddy's truck and went down to the bird refuge. And it actually turned out to be one of the best family outings ever! The kids loved it, they got to sit in the back of truck bed and Connor used the binoculars to describe the birds to Ellie who was desperately trying to look their identities up in the bird classification book! So Funny!! So in MY words I saw some little brown birds..little black ducks, and what appeared to be a few big black and white dogs in the tops of a big tree....
Translation from Scott...Pheasants, Coots, and Bald Eagles!
We had a great Thanksgiving!!!


Jason Siemers said...

(Rachel) I am a huge supporter of spouses stepping out of their interest and comfort zones to do things that the other person is really into and excited about. Sharing something they love, though maybe not supper appealing to you helps to show support, build love and friendship, and gives you common ground and shared memories while giving you insight into who they are. Also, like you said, you may find you rather enjoy it as well...and I would rather have my husband want to invite ME on a date or family outing then to take someone else who seems more interested in what he likes to do. AND, it spices up the same-o-same-o date ideas of dinner and a movie. It just all works out, as long as they do the same for you and it is not just a one sided deal!

GiGi said...

Jaime: Now every time I see a brown bird, black duck, or a black and white dog (especially in the top of a big tree) I'll think of you. You're just TOO much!!!