Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Missionary BFF's

Connor is in love with missionaries!! Any and ALL! If we could have them over everyday he would be in heaven. When they come over he wants to read with them out of his "skiptures." Yesterday, Scott took 6 missionaries up to Crater Lake. He does this about twice a year but this time Connor got to go!! He was so excited. Scott got some great pictures, but oddly enough...none with Connor and the missionaries. :(


The Deans said...

That is so cute! It is so weird to me that I haven't met your kids, well except Ellie when she was 1 month!! We will be in Albany, Oregon for Christmas so maybe we could meet up!

Speaking of missionaries, Neil just got his call to the Mesa, Arizona missions. It's crazy that he is old enough to go on a mission!

Those crazy Lewis' said...

Oh how cute. What a difference between boys and girls. Whenver the missionaries come around our house, my girls start giggling and hiding.

Josh and Jena said...

Cute! You and Julie have spiritually valiant children- Connor loves the missionaries, Brynlie loves For the Strength of Youth pamplet! =)