Monday, September 10, 2012

Bear Lake - 2012

On our last leg of our big trip we headed to the lake. Our brother in law, Straton and his family own a cabin on Bear Lake and they were very nice and let us all come stay again for a few days.
We love this lake. Such fun memories made here.
The legend of the Bear Lake Monster still lives strong up here.
It has changed a bit since we were here last and the water is extremely high. Sawyer and Macie could have walked all the way out to those buoys in this picture above before it gets deep.

The weather was perfect but so smokey from fire's all across Utah that we couldn't have any fire's ourselves.

Macie is always within arms reach of Grandpa.
These boys played and played hard!

Oaklen is such a sweet boy. I love that Sawyer has someone so close to his age.


Thank you Gerber family for keeping us very entertained. We loved every minute of it. Next time...parasailing?

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Auntie Jan said...

Oh Jaime!!!! What awesome pictures!!!!!! Looks like a great place!! The pictures of Sawyer and Oak are priceless!!! Connor looks like he's grown a foot!!!!!!