Sunday, June 14, 2009


UNPACKING!! That is just about all we have been doing the past 4 days. We didn't realize how much we would love being in our new house. It has been such a huge blessing the way everything has worked out and we can't thank Grandma and Grandpa Olsen enough for being so kind and living like college students when they come into town! We are very grateful.
It has been so fun to have so many great parks close to us now, one being almost in our front yard. Ellies new school is really close to us and I have to say that I, yes I, spent about 20 minutes playing on the Playground equipment the other day. It is an amazing school. We see people walking there dogs and playing Frisbee and running for exercise and not from the police which is what we us to see out our windows!
Scott got the grant that he applied for this summer for his Masters program, we are excited because it will pay for half of it. He starts next week so that will be a little tough for us because he will be in Ashland and Medford so much but we have a busy summer ahead and will be working around his classes.
We are all doing great and can't wait for a fun summer of cousins, camping, swimming and the beach. We hope you are all doing well also!!

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Mamaappah said...

Yay To Scott!!! That is so wonderful, congratulations!