Saturday, June 6, 2009

baby girls

Making things for girls is just so much more fun than for little boys! There is just so much more you can do and it's so pretty!
My friend Amy just had a baby shower today and it is her first girl so I thought she needed a bum load of GIRL STUFF and something fun to put it all in!! I can't stop making these hair clips! I love them so much I might just start sporting them. (And I'm selling them now at The Dress-up Drawer)
Every little girl needs a twirly skirt!


Josh and Jena said...

Seriously, boys need cool stuff like that. I am totally envious! =) I don't really know how to explain it, but you should see these amazing car seat covers that I've seen a few people with lately. My sis-in-law made one. It goes over the carseat, just like a blanket would, so that way the sun doesn't get in their eyes, etc...So it isn't a cover for the seat, but it's a cover for the entire thing basically. Again, bad explanation, but they make them really cute and I am DYING to make one for this baby. The girl ones are always cuter, but still a boy one will be fun. I have to do something for this kid! And PS. thank you for the book suggestions. I'm going to check that out!

Josh and Jena said...

Go to and she has what I was just talking about on there. She calls them "car seat tents". I like my sis-in-laws better, but you'll at least the gist of what I'm talking about because my first comment made zero sense!