Thursday, June 4, 2009

bags n' straps

I made these bags for my friend a few weeks ago and forgot to post them, (by the way I am going to be making a hobby blog to post all this stuff on cause I know not all of you really care to see any of my projects! Or at least not on our family blog. I post them as a reference/journal log for myself.) She gave me some fabric and said do whatever, so I had fun experimenting. I also made her a camera strap, my first so don't hate. I took terrible pictures cause I had 3 seconds to take them. The strap is hooked to my camera so it was difficult! I didn't sew it into the actual strap, cause then she would have to buy a new strap if she ever wanted to change it, so it is sorta like a slipcover. Anyway, made it a little to big and the ones I have made since I used interfacing. But it was a fun project!

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Jen said...

I love seeing your stuff...It inspires me to create as well.