Monday, February 1, 2010

Huge flakes!

The other morning it started to snow here. But not just a little, HUGE snowflakes. The kids were in awe. So we ran outside, jammies and all, and tried to catch them on our tongues. It wasn't hard, they were so big. These pictures really do not do them justice.
And this little one stayed warm and cozy inside. Smart girl.


GiGi said...

Wow, I get cold just looking at the pics of Ellie and Connor. Cute pics!!! Macie is the smart one - stays inside nice and warm like GiGi would. HER HAIR LOOKS DARLING. I wonder if Sawyer is going to be more like Macie or adventurous like E and C??? Love all your pics - keep them coming.

Boyters said...

What big flakes...they look perfect for making a snowman...too bad it has to be so cold to snow.