Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the best and the worst

When Scott told me he had to work the game at KU and couldn't make it to Connors game I didn't think much of it. I figured I would go and be there and all would be fine. Then Sawyer got a fever and his cough sounded horrible. So I asked Connor if he would be ok with us missing one game and he said that would be just fine so I dropped him off and his coach kept an eye on him and brought him home.
I heard.....He did great!
I also heard......it was his VERY. LAST. GAME!!!!

I cried a little. Scott swears he told me about it being the last game. Images of him walking up to get his award and looking for us on the bleachers. auuuhhhh.
Worst mom ever award.

Anyway he got a trophy and was beside himself about it. We are so proud of this little man.

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