Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Connor is a mama's boy and besides me he won't let another person kiss him without wiping it off. It's a little family joke to see who can kiss Connor without it getting wiped.
Anyway, tonight when my Dad brought him home from a Grandpa -Connor date he had given him a bunch of yard sticks. When Scott was tucking him in he said he was gonna sneak back into his room and give him a kiss on the cheek while he was sleeping cause if he is sleeping he couldn't wipe it off.
When I got home from mutual Scott was laughing and told me to look at what Connor was building in his room. When I peeked in I saw row after row of yard sticks blocking the way to his bed. He looked at me laughing and I said "Connor, are you making some boobie traps?"
Ten minutes later I hear him moving in his room again and Scott hollers for him to go to bed. He says "But Dad, I am fixing my Boob traps!"

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